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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstarrchevy81 View Post
    I have to agree with everyone saying that no matter if you were in the right or wrong situation to a certain extent if you are polite, kind, and curtious most cop's will let you go and give you a warning on most term's. If a cop see's you have a attitude of any sort most of them try to see how much mad they can make you by feeding you more bs and making the situation worse than it really was. Idk if i would take this to court but i wasn't there to see al what went on besides your side of the story but most cases unless you have a witness or anything the cop's word is over your head in court. I'm in the military and most cop's in town know who i am and some are in my Unit so i can get off allot easier than most people when you have a Iraq Veteran tag. I got pulled over one time after drinking and driving at 2 in the mornin on fourth of july and ended up gettin out of a DUI even though i wasn't but a few miles from my house. I hope you do the right thing and learn from it even though some have consequences and some don't but learn from it like i did good luck man.
    I hate to do this, but...

    Drinking and Driving should NEVER be allowed to slide. I don't care if you're a United States Solider, United States President, or what. You don't have the right to jeopardize peoples lifes like that. Not only was that stupid on your part, but the office that pulled you over should be disciplined for not taking action. And yes, this hit's close to home.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chad513 View Post
    Well here's a couple of big things, I was less than a half mile away from my house in a colda sack with no houses around me and no people or cars. I burned my tires for less than a half a second. I know what I did was wrong but it's not like I sat there and roasted them for 20 seconds until there was smoke in the air. Once i heard my tires squeel I let off the gas and cruised off at a normal speed. I just kinda feel f'ed over because I explained to the cop that I didn't sit there and hold it and i wasnt trying to be a "hothead". I told him why I did it and he laughed at me and told me, "that's what they all say."(I told him my truck normally never does it and I wanted to see if it would and when it started to roast them I let off.) I understand why he pulled me over but come on he could of gave me a warning or a birthday present because im turning 17 on friday. I know I broke the law but I normally dont do things like that unless I'm at the track. He also questioned me excessively about if I had tobacco or alcohol in the car. He asked me like 6 times and then asked me if he could search the truck like 3 times and I told him politely I didn't have anything illegal in the car and the he could search it if he wanted. When I said he could search it he asked me to step out of the car, I did camly and did what he said. I think he made such a big deal out of it cause I have long hair and look like a "stoner". I think that people need to go beyond the cover because I'm actually a good person. I have had straight As since the 6th grade, I'm involved in yearbook at my school and do community service regularly. I made one little mistake and he took it out of proportion. I know I shouldn't of peeled out for that 1/2 a second but I don't think it required a ticket. I also know that I should have controlled my temper but I am pretty much screwed. Now I have court on a day that I have school, and I haven't missed a day so far(there goes perfect attendance), I can't take my defensive driving class because I used that. Now I have to find a way to pay for my ticket, pay for my surivival school, and a way to pay for my soon to be raised insurance. The cop may have taught me a long life lesson but screwed me over for the short run.
    The reason he made a big deal out of it, is because of your actions. Getting defensive, and close to crying is going to make him suspect something is not right. At that point, he has the right to search you and your vehicle.

    "If you can't do the time, Don't do the crime." It's time to accept the consequences, and man up. Life goes on buddy. You live and you learn, you'll be okay. Trust me, this is so minor in life.

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    I agree, it seems like the end of the world at this point, but you'll look back on this someday and say what a joke it was. I got 3 tickets before I was 17, lost my liscense for a month cause of it, and didn't blame the cops, they weren't the ones speeding, i was, well, one of the tickets was for a california stop at a dead intersection that was pretty much horse s#%T, but the other ones were my bad. and I am better for it now. some of lifes best lessons are hard ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silveradotrailblazer View Post
    Well if this happened as you said than I would file a complaint against him. Go to court and explain this to the judge. He had no right to take your keys.

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    Also, learn to control your temper. You just gave him a reason to give you more B.S.
    There is NOTHING you can file a complaint about....first off a L.E.O can take your keys away from you if he/she feels you are not fit to drive and may be a danger whether your drunk or pissed off and acting a fool.

    If your under the age of 18(which I am guessing you are) your lucky he didnt have your dad come get you and your truck. Exhibition of speed is what he wrote you for, which is severe enough but he could have gotten you for the speed also.

    Dont take this the wrong way...

    Suck it up and learn from this....take your licks and move on. time dont cry....take it like a man and dont give the cop a reason to *uck with you more.

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    Chad - You've started an awesome thread....just take a look at the responses and feedback members have provided; some really great stuff! As you can tell, we've all been there and learned...and some learn quicker than others (well...and maybe some never learn?!).

    Anyway.....The nice thing is that you have received honest and great feedback. Please keep in mind the audience here. You have a lot of First Responders, including current and former law enforcement who have seen first hand the bad things that can happen with young drivers, people who were your age at one time and KNOW what you are going through, and although typically perspective based, people who will try and give you the best advice they can even if you don't like the answer...and of course were all one HUGE family of GM fans and share your interest there.

    Hang in there, keep us posted, and let us know if you make any changes based on this incident and the constructive advice stated in this thread. You sound like a great kid and we all want to see good things happen for's just sometimes you have to go through a few tough lessons to get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan View Post
    C He said, every time you have to pay for a ticket, that's money you won't ever get to spend on your car, & that was the most important thing to me at the time was spending money for carbs, headers, manifolds, tires, wheels etc. When I thought it about it like that I never got another ticket.
    I especially like this unique piece of advice, as it adds a different flavor to the equation.....You don't have to agree with the law or the officer but just be smart and legal and spend your money on mods!

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    All exceptionally well said, Mike.

    And Chad, please don't think that we are all looking at this as an opportunity to give you a hard time or make you feel worse about the situation. I'm quite certain that none of us here would wish this incident upon you. Nonetheless, it has happened, you asked for input, and you've received some very honest and straightforward responses. Again, best of luck. I also hope that everything turns out ok for you.

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    Go to court and fight the ticket. they will more then likely drop the points and you pay the fine. Next time you get pulled over keep your cool and dont give the cop something to play off of (poker face).

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    exibition of speed where im at can land you in jail. when you go to court yes sir/mam everything

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    Thank you for all of the advice and such. I know what i did was wrong but idk. i dont mind paying the fine, its just the points. I cant take the points. In az when a minor gets points on their record, they are screwed. Thats all im worried about.
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    Yeah....I bet many of us have run into point issues at one time or another...and it certainly is a pain in the pocket with insurance as well (if you don't get dropped). However, if points were not part of the consequence/penalty, then people with lots of $$ would not really be penalized for breaking the law, as it wouldn't let them feel some pain. Also, points can indicate if a person is a habitual offender and/or are in total disregard of the law (i.e. a large point violation for drag racing, going 20+ over the speed limit, etc.). In your case, it sounds more like points will encourage you to drive more responsibly than a fine and insurance cost increases, thus the point system is working to improve your behavior.

    It sounds like you're on the better track of taking responsibility for your actions (both for the violation and your interaction between you and the officer). That is the kind of attitude influences how your treated (better) and could (maybe) lessen the severity of your penalty. Blaming the officer and adding the additional drama will never work in your favor.

    With the different attitude you now have, maybe try the following (if you're not going to take this to trial).

    Do you best to get a meeting with the Prosecutor prior to your court date...if successful:
    1. Write a letter to the Prosecutor/Judge,/DA taking responsibility for your actions and bring with you to your meeting
    2. In your letter, also include steps you will take to ensure that it does not happen again, why what you did was wrong, how you handled the situation was wrong (I'm sure the officer wrote detailed notes on the back of his copy of the ticket), etc.
    3. Have your parents penalize you (and keep in mind, they must be 100% involved in this process). For example, you cannot drive your truck except for school and work for 3 months, YOU will pay 100% of all fines, insurance cost increases, and any other related costs, etc.
    4. Offer some additional items such as a day or two volunteering at a hospital or other facility that see trauma patients on a regular basis, or do a ride a long with an officer so you can see things through their eyes, etc.

    If you do some or all of the items mentioned (or that others will mention or you can come up with), you'll be head and shoulders above what other 16 and 17 year olds do when faced with the same or similar situation. It shows your maturity and that you have given a lot of thought to a potentially dangerous situation, which is very unusual for someone of your age. There are no guarantees that these ideas will help you, but they are certainly better than just letting this take its natural course of pleading to a lesser charge and still getting some points or being found guilty. I also think you will actually learn something additional as well....but that is really up to you.
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    Man up...grow a the fine and hopefully learn from your mistake. It's not the end of the world and down the road it won't feel like such a big deal.

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