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    Starting to sound more and more like a spoiled kid who doesn't want to take responsibility.

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    The LEO should not have laughed at you- that is just wrong - jerky behavior.Yeah they deal with AHs all day long, but laughing at someone(especially a crying kid) is over the line.(I probably would try to restrain the tears in the future-looks bad brings out the worst in some folks)
    Now on the ticket-you are out of luck.
    Tough lesson but life is that way.
    You will have learned this lesson- don't break traffic laws-even a little- because it will cost me lots of $$ and time-and if I get a jerk cop- he will laugh at me-and there isn't a thing I can do about it.
    When I was 15-20 -I wrecked all 3 of our cars- my fault-and I blew the engine(rod through oil pan on a MG1100- doing WOT 84mph for 30 minutes).Course on the MG I told Dad " it just blew-I was doing just 60 mph"

    I was a slow learner in respect to safe driving- let this help you learn faster.
    ALSO-Don't cry in public- brings out the worst in people.If you were/are a good looking female-different story, but you are male- it makes jerks jerkier.
    Not trying to pick on you- but public tears for a LEO are a bad idea in that situation.
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    1/2 ton

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    Take to a laywer, And pled your case to the Judge and it may go your way. You have no way of knowing if this cop is a hard ass but the judge does.

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    Shouldn't have squealed your tires.
    When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses not zebras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGREDDADDY53 View Post
    Take to a laywer, And pled your case to the Judge and it may go your way. You have no way of knowing if this cop is a hard ass but the judge does.
    Either way, you pay.
    Hiring a mouthpiece is usually an expensive proposition.
    Then again, at least around here, tickets are getting rediculous.

    IMHO, you need to man up and deal with it!

    Please, it's a ticket for God's sake, not the death penalty!
    Own up to it.

    It sounds like you're concerned now about your license and the
    But when you decided that you wanted to do burnouts, even a short one, did you thinkg about it then?
    And to get pissed off when you get caught...Come on now......really?

    And yes, it sounds like the officer was a bit of a dick as well.
    Why? Who the F**k knows?
    He was having a bad day, momma didn't give him any last night, the neighbor got it first....WTF knows?
    It takes all kinds, and believe me, we have them all :(

    Honestly, as someone else stated, if you think you have a complaint, take it to internal affairs.
    If the cop had a dash cam and was "mic'd up", it'll have the entire episode recorded.

    If you want to take the case to court, by all means, do so.
    That's your right as a citizen.
    State your case like a man and ask the court for options.

    As for him asking for your keys, I don't know.
    Probably had no right; however, if I see you beating on the wheel and acting hysterical and out of control over a ticket, I might have done the same thing, except I'd have called your parents and had them come get you!

    Don't want you driving off out of control (emotionally) and getting into a crash.

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    either take it to court or pay it and get it over with i learned the hard way to. but all you can do is move on this isnt the end of the world man just a ticket. some cops are gunna bust your balls and some arent. dont admit to anything unless asked and be polite i get off every time.
    06 silverado

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    Not sure that anyone noted this yet but all of the talk on this forum can be used against you in court Keep in mind that if your goal is to make this cop look like a dumb @ss then you might have more problems down the road with him and all the other cops around. You run the risk of making yourself a target and I'm sure you don't want that level of scrutiny following you around. A cop once told me that he could pick any car and usually within about 4 miles that person would do something he could pull them over for.

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