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    Growing up I had a friend with a hybrid, I never trusted it and I knew the animal from when it was about 5 weeks old. They just dont act right.

    As far as Wolves in the wild it'd be nice if this was a perfect world and they could be caught and relocated. But since any program of that type is exspensive and would only be acted on after the ranchers lost enough livestock to bankrupt them the only option is to shoot first and and ask for forgiveness later.

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    I too am a avid hunter and noticed that the return of the wolves have caused the decline of ruffled grouse and pheasant in my area, along with rabbits and other small mammals. Coyotes are shot around our area if they are being a nuisance, if not i leave them. Wolves on the other hand are strictly protected here in Michigan, but let me be the first to say i am a law abiding citizen and hunter. With my next sentence prefaced by the previous one, i WOULD have no problem shooting them if they put my livelihood in question.

    I hunted my buddies, brothers in-laws farm (1000 acres, and 1,100 cattle) and he told me if i see a "yote" or wolf shoot it no questions asked. Even with his state of the art farm calves were being taken by yotes and wolves. It's all up to you and what they are doing to your pocket book and or farming operation. I think it is just like having 25 permits a year to shoot deer that are classified in the "crop damage" area. He shoots them and takes them to the butcher to have them processed for the local homeless shelter/ food bank.

    I guess it comes down to your ethics

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    Quote Originally Posted by 84fiero123 View Post
    I know most of you on here are city folk and will not care or understand this.

    Some will say they are an endangered species.

    Those of us that raise livestock will say something different. They are a predator, plain and simple. If you have your livelihood threatened you may feel differently.

    Having a farm and livestock I can understand the ranchers near Yellowstone’s anger, trying to raise livestock is hard enough, to keep them alive in ideal conditions.

    Bring in a predator that kills for fun and knows no bonders that you can’t kill until it can be proven to have hurt your livestock is an outrage.

    We don’t have a big problem here in Maine will wolves, yet. Coyotes are more of a problem now but with all the people here that own wolf hybrids, yes they are allowed here as pets. Problem is people don’t understand that this is a wild animal, the owners themselves are getting bitten by their own pets.

    Then there are the ones that escape and just run wild.

    Talk between yourselves.

    As a youngester, I lived on a farm. We raised a few head of beef steers but others around us raised sheep and cattle. Every spring wild dogs would start coming around the farms and if they didn't get killed they would kill the young. We used to go hunting dogs every spring. Folks would haul their pups they didn't want and older dogs off to the county dump site and turn them loose. They would start running in packs then and the problems would start.

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