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    I don't really have a set pattern of sleep ... aside from 'not much and in small doses'. Ram air on the hood, bud. Jeremy's next...

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    That's where I've been leaning, but a buddy of mine had me at least considering the cowl, so I thought I'd ask. Seeing them in those pictures is still a far cry from seeing it in my truck.

    And sleep is one thing I've never struggled with. That being said, I usually do pretty well on little sleep as well. Over here I seem to get plenty. Mostly because I just get bored.

    Surreal's up

    To Be Completed (Eventually):
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    I prefer cowl on the NBS trucks but ram air on the NNBS trucks. See my response in your thread. As for seeing it on the truck, often enough that's part of the mod process -- eyeballing what you think it might look like and then doing it. The nose of the truck is often the hardest. I'm on my 4th set of headlights, my second grille, my second transformer logo, and soon to be my third set of bulbs (the zXe's I won). Donyms did a few iterations up front, too, I believe. Amac's learning this lesson on the nose, as well. Thankfully hoods are more substantial and less subtle than other items at the nose ... so it's a lot easier to get right the first time. Go with your instincts. Jeremy's next...

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    Agreed, aside from the lift, for obvious reasons, I don't think I've put as much thought into any part of the truck as much as the nose. Anytime a manufacturer comes out with a new body style, it's the first thing I look at. The grille is what has me stumped the most. The headlights aren't an easy decision either. I think I agree with you on the NBS and NNBS. The nose dips more on yours and I can see the cowl enhancing the structure.

    I'll go for a random pick and try @donyms next

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    Hey yall, Just checking in. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. I agree Surreal, ram-air on the NNBS. Jermery, with the attn you are putting into the planning, your truck will be smokin'!

    Sgt should be next on lunch break.

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    Damn you're good! Yep I'm in on lunch break. Jeremy, yes I am excited about the ink. This week is just creeping along because of that. I'll also get to see my brother on Sunday as well. Excited about that too. I have a friend who works on Fort Knox and I'll probably be grabbing some lunch with her next week. Probably either the day before we leave if we're not doing anything or the day we leave, since I have to hang around and get some stuff done. Guess I'll relax a bit before I have to head back. Getting evaluated on D&C when I get back so I'll practice now LOL. 07, POST!
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    Nope it's me. I shouldn't be here at work, but apparently it's my job to fill out paperwork for the stupidity of others. I really hate IA sometimes.

    D&C was fun. I actually enjoyed that part of basic and AIT. Calling cadence was fun too on the rare occasion the drill SGTs would let me.

    I'll stay with the same guess though... 07 is next...

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    I'm in. I'm litte a little kid at Christmas today. LOL. The Fed Ex lady unloaded half of her truck here today. I love new trinkets.

    Today is a Good Day!

    Let's see if Surreal is around.

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    I wish it was like christmas here for me. What kind of ink you getting sgt. Well its 3in the after noon and im going to get coffee since i just woke up. 07 is next

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    Just finished a training class and I'm checking in before I check out for a while. The next week of my life gets crazy... 7-up.

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