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    Default Rear Fender liner install

    What I like about this forum most is I get great ideas on new things to do to my truck. The best part is someone else does the leg work and trial and error part so I can do it easier.
    That said, as I was trolling the site and I came across a rear fender liner post. I thought you can get these things from the dealer? Second thing was. Why don’t they come with the truck?
    So I went and ordered them from an online supply house and got the rear fender liners in four days to my front door all for about $72 with shipping.
    So I thought why not take a few pictures. Post them to let others see what a difference they make. And how the fender wells look before and after.
    You may feel like I did and find it was a must have item.

    So here is what I got at the front door from Fed Ex. They shipped like you see them, no box. I cut the zip tights that held them together and found the needed hard ware was in between the liners in a small bag.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2712.jpg 
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    So after a trip to the spray carwash to clean up the fender wells I installed the liners. It was very easy to do and took about twenty minute for both sides. I liked what I saw when I was done.
    beforeClick image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2706.jpg 
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ID:	19237Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2710.jpg 
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    afterClick image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2730.jpg 
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ID:	19239Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2729.jpg 
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    Makes the wheel wells very easy to clean and should keep all the mud and stuff from getting built up in the fenders.

    Parts and instructions are easy to read use and follow. I Installed push pops in top of fender well along edge of fender to hold liner in place.The truck has three pre drilled holes already. It is very easy to do. You also get some self tapping screws to put in the small holes in the liner to hold it in place. You may find it not necessary to install the screws but the instructions recommend it. The Liner fits very snug in the fender well.
    I must say that I’m very pleased with product and how it makes a big improvement in the fender well by protecting the area. It looks good and finishes the rear of the truck nicely.
    Still I don’t understand why they don’t come installed from the factory. But whatever I got them now.
    Also it took longer to post this than it did to install the liners.

    Site I puchased parts from
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    6. Added rear fender liners.
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    Cool I like your write up I just did these on my 2011 crew got them right from my dealer they had them in stock GM#19166676 list price $119.00 I got them for $91.63 but once I got them home and cute the ties I was happy but once I got the ties cute and seen the mounting hard wear I wasnít so Happy. The hard wear was the same as yours the push pins for the wheel opening well and then 4 self tapping screws for the inner section to make sure they stay up but unlike yours the 2011 donít have any holes in there for the screws to go into and I'm not one for drilling holes into my trucks so I got looking around in side the wheel well back in the back corners there is a oval size hole on both sides so Here what I did I cute 4 small strips of 3m 2face tape and place them on the upper part of the liners to help hold them in place and keep them from scuffing against the paint after they where installed then I took a not insert gun and place nut insert into each oval hole and crimped them into place with the gun then placed the liner up into place making sure the tape bonds good with the wheel well then I took a small drill bit and from the back side using the b nut insert as a center point I drilled the liners and the from the liner side I redrill the line holes to the right side then place in the 4 screws to tighten every thing up. Since the liners had 4 holes in them for you to use as guide holes for the self tapping screws I took Black sealer and filled in those 4 holes so dirt and water couldn't get to the back of the liners though the holes made the job a little time consuming but I think it was well worth it because I didn't have to put and holes into my truck

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    looks good, def gonna do this when i get back
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    I'm not sure why GM doesn't include these stock either. They clean-up the truck inside the wells nicely. Plus, they make it much easier to keep the truck looking clean.
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    I just found this site by accident. I was looking at the fender linings and a link lead me here. I have a 2011 Silverado - Louisiana edition. I have installed an Undercover tonneau and a Bedrug and I am looking at the fender linings.

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    The liners do make the truck look better. Are the liners similar to the drop in bed liner? I guess a better way of asking that is do they move around like the bedliner? I ask because one of the first things I did when I got my truck home from the dealership was to remove the bedliner and lay down a coat of wax to help protect the bed until I can get a spray in liner. I am interested in putting the wheel well liners in and want to know if I should put wax in the wells before I install them.

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    I'm not sure on that mine went in really tight and once I got them in they didn't move around but I did lay out some two face tape on them in a few spot and I used the oveal holes that where in the front and rear flat panels instead of the self tapping screw they want you to use. I used black silacone in the predrilled hole that they have in the liners for where to put the self tappers because I don't like drilling holes in my trucks because as far as I'm concerd if you make hole in the truck you our making spots for rust to start.

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