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    Default got pulled over for speeding FOR A STUPID REASON!!!!!!!!

    early this morning while pulling my boat to our cottage, i was traveling on the highway that goes through the city and all the way to where my cottage area is. there was barely anyone on the highway, as i was just entering town going northbound ( i live south of the city) doing 3 under the speed limit in the lane to the right of the fast lane on a four lane highway. suddenly a sheriff (not the same authenticity as sheriffs in the states) merges onto the highway from a neighbourhood, jumps over two lanes without indicating and rides right on my boat trailer's tail for about 2 kilometers without any lights or sirens. then he floors it, jumps over to the fast lane and speeds up to at least 140kph in a 100kph zone. I took down the license plate and unit number and went on with my drive.

    as i drove north of town the highway narrowed to 2 lanes each way. as i got closer to cottage country the highway went over some rolling foothills with steep grades. my 4 speed Silverado hates hills when towing, and as i went up the hills it screamed up to 5000 RPM and as i went down the hills it would speed up even in cruise. when going down a grade, at least 25%, i looked in my mirror and saw a sheriff burning out of the ditch with dust everywhere and fishtailing wildly as he gained on me with lights and sirens on. he pulled me over and walked up and told me i was doing 12 over the speed limit. as friendly as i could be, i explained that there was a big hill and my truck hates towing on hills. this is where it gets good.

    he looked back and said word for word "the hill is half a kilometer back, dude, you had easily enough room to brake" and that seemed a little unprofessional to me. i explained that braking on the highway doing 110 kph is tough on my brakes, because i don't have a trailer brake controller, and it confuses other drivers and can cause an accident, considering the death toll on that stretch of highway. apparently to this guy, something was wrong with my "car" and that it should be properly equipped to tow and that vehicles that work properly should be able to slow themselves on grades.

    after the fact, i got a ticket for speeding, and the court date is June 16 at 9:30, and i will be there to fight the crap out of this ticket.

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    seems a little fishy to me what that cop did man. hills are hills, and as a truck driver, a half a klick is nowhere near enough to slow down without seriously stressing your brakes.

    sounds like he was bored and felt like being a dick.


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    That's total bullsh*t. That's what my uncle (who's a police sergeant a few towns over from me btw) would call a very bored cop lol. He's just hating on your 22's
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    He just wanted to go. and hated that he had to work while you enjoy your boat... LOL.. I would fight it....
    08 Z71 Avalanche Mods to date: K&N CAI,Hellwig Swaybars and End Links, Corsa Sport Exhaust, Superchips Programer,IPCW LOF & 3rd brake light and tails, AMI Gas door,Show Hooks and Door locks, Enkei Wheels, with Pirelli tires, StreetScene Bowties, Grant Steering wheel,Muth signal mirrors,SSBC Big Brake kit,Huskyliner Mug gards,Floor mats and Hood shield, McGard Lug nuts and locks, Bedrug, Cervini's Ram Air hood,35watt HID Fog lights, Sylvania bulbs all around ZXE's Highs and Lows, WhiteNight Back up lights,Sirius and HD Radio, SnugTop sitting on deck now Got a Softopper on now,Tempress Boat Hatches.... New Bilstein shocks are on... New Mods coming soon..... X

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    Cop is a prick- that is obviously some sort of speed trap.They are all over in the states-tend to catch outsiders- the locals know about speed traps so they don't care-Keeps the local's taxes down-screw the travelers/vacationers.Common all over the states in hick towns/counties etc.
    They know folks will ease up over the limit- so it is a revenue producing hill.
    You probably are out of luck- but give it a try.
    110 is about 67 mph??- not exactly tearing down the hy.
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    Imagine the audacity of a "prick" cop doing his JOB. He clearly has nothing better to do than what he is paid for...a-hole. Seriously people?

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    The cop could be out busting drug dealers or going after drunk drivers, instead he's gotta pull over someone towing their boat who happens to be going a little faster than average trying to save wear on their brakes. Sounds kinda dumb to me.

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