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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackout07 View Post
    Like any other profession, in police work there are divisions Traffic, Patrol, Nartcotics, etc. If you get stopped by someone working traffic enforcement, shame on you. It's not his job to go hunt down drug dealers. Everyone seems to think they get a pass to break the law because they were just doing this or that, or because they don't agree with said law at the time. If you get caught breaking a law and you get cited for it, it's not the officer's's yours. How can he be bored or a prick for doing what he is employed to do? Sounds kind of ignorant to me.
    I have great respect for officers that pull over 16 year old kids in their Range Rovers that are doing 40, 50, 60 over the speed limit. Believe me, on that stretch of road i have seen it. but when you pull over someone with a boat, who tows it twice a year, going down a hill, it seems a bit desperate.

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    your talking roughly about 7mph on a highway, thats sounds like being bored to me, and i have a bunch of cop friends too
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    I'm not going to side one way or the other because I wasn't there, but hey, if you're moving faster than the speed limit, you are still technically speeding. It doesn't matter to the cop if you are passing someone or going downhill. He also doesn't care if you were "just doing it to save your brakes or your tranny." Believe me, I understand...I drive a truck for work and I also tow a boat in my personal truck. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just slow down and take your time. And yes, all the lights on your boat trailer should be functional and you should be cited if they are not, no matter how many times you actually pull the thing a year.

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    I understand your frustration on your ticket. 7mph over the limit does seem a bit slow for a speeding violation. But, I have met some bored cops and he probably isn't one of them.

    Now these were some bored cops... Once I stopped at a red light near a parked cop. When the light turned green he peeled out behind me, staying on my bumper. I pull over and next thing I know backup shows up. Then four cops approach the car I was driving and pulled me and a friend out while our girlfriends waited in the car. They put us against the back of the car, searched us, then started to harass me about smelling like alcohol (which I hadn't had a single brew). They profiled us because we were young and it was late. When I asked them why I got stopped, they replied that the window tint was illegal. I told them it wasn't, so they got their tint machine to check it. The officer put it over the window, took it off, and brought it back to his car without saying a word. So then they told me that the two tiny round stickers on the back window were illegal (you couldn't even see them in the rear view mirror they were so small). Eventually they gave up on a reason to ticket us and let us go. Now, those were some bored cops. I didn't do a single thing wrong and they treated it like they were on a felony stop. Since then I have called their station to file a formal complaint, but I'm sure the guy I spoke to never filed it or even wrote it down.
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    Alright we all have stories, but I do agree If you are breaking the law you deserve to get a ticket... plain and simple... You will get your day in court where you will "talk' to the prosecuter and your ticket will probably be "talked" down to a no point violation so it isn't on your actual driving record and insurance. You sped you admit it, the officer didn't feel like giving you a warning... You said the same area is dangerous and known for speeding.. then shame on you. You should have known better.. Maybe the officer thought your speed was unsafe for trailer towing, maybe he percieved you as one of the dagerous people that cause the accidents... Either way giving tickets because someone is young, old, towing, not towing, driving a range rover or a chevy truck.. It doesn't matter laws are being broken suck it up and fight it in court... Venting that you are mad about it is fine, but saying that it was wrong to get a ticket when you admitt you were speeding.......

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