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View Poll Results: Why do you wear a seat belt?

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  • I always wear my seat belt, safety first!

    164 70.39%
  • I usually do when I think of it, or if I'm reminded to.

    18 7.73%
  • I rarely wear my seat belt unless someone nags me about it.

    5 2.15%
  • I never wear a seat belt, I think they're unsafe.

    9 3.86%
  • I wear my seat belt just to stop the annoying reminder chime, otherwise I'd never wear it.

    8 3.43%
  • I would wear it, but I'm a rebel. I won't be told what to do (Click-it or Ticket)

    5 2.15%
  • I wear my seat belt just so I don't get a fine.

    23 9.87%
  • My vintage vehicle doesn't have seat belts.

    1 0.43%
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    Default Seat Belt Poll: Do You Wear It? (It's a matter of safety!)

    How many of you wear your seat belt?

    My father is so stubborn. He just won't do it. I always explain that if I get stopped I'm the one who will get fined while he's in my vehicle not wearing a seatbelt. His response, "I'll give you the money for the fine."

    Rhode Island

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    I know people that forget to put it on, and some that don't like to wear it. Myself, I've been in some big wrecks that someone could have been killed if it weren't for a seatbelt.

    I actually met someone a few years ago, my age nonetheless, that said they would rather be "thrown clear" of a wreck than to say in the vehicle. As if you can be gently lifted up at 60 MPH and float down to the ground.

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    Coventry, Rhode Island


    There's only a small percentage of people who get thrown clear and survive compared to those who get thrown from the vehicle and still die.
    That's kind of my father's position, is he feels he'd be one of the lucky ones to be thrown clear, and survive.

    They don't realize you may not be getting thrown into favorable conditions. Like into oncoming traffic for instance.

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    I always wear mine. Cuz it seems like I'm always at work in the van.

    Cable industry story:

    Speaking of being belted in. At work I've always been trained to belt off to utility strand when my ladder is set up, but putting a ladder on a flat wall they want us to belt into ladder rung. They tell us if the ladder starts to slip out to ride ladder to the ground...I still haven't subscribed to this theory yet. I guess I'm a jumper if it starts to fall.


    2007 Ford E250(Work van) (Ya, Ya, shut up!)
    1996 GMC Sierra SLE 1500 5.7L/4L60E

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    I rarely wear it just because when I first left high school I was an ambulance driver for 2 months and saw 3 people burned to death when they paniced and couldn’t get the belt off.

    I do wear it when my daughter is in the car, but then I carry my leatherman everywhere with me so in that type of situation I could cut myself and my daughter out if need be.

    But then I may be as old as Steve’s dad. It’s tough teaching an old dog new tricks.

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    i wear it except when i am at the firehouse but i do when its practical. I have seen a few accidents where if the person didnt have a seatbelt they would have died.
    1987 GMC Sierra Classic 5.7TBI

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    Jun 2005
    Haasdonk Belgium


    I have to wear it, it's the law :slap:
    Peter Smet
    Haasdonk, Belgium

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    Jr. Engineer Rumpamuro's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)


    same here, although my family has a history of bad backs, so my dad, mom, and me and my sister have conditional notes saying we dont have to wear it, my dad, never, mom, always, sister always, ,me, usually, but only because of that goddam chime.

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    Jeez... a gazillion drag racers and circle guys can't be all wrong. I've been thrown clear (motorcycle), CLEAR across the highway into the ditch with crushed left foot and ankle. My thing is I don't lock the car doors while driving, in case someone has to get in to pull me out (you know, like the cops on tv, screaming GET ON THE GROUND!! GET ON THE GROUND!!!) oops, wrong example, that was last week. Hey Cable, I am a jumper too, THEY can ride 'er down...I am outta there LOL!!!! Kerry
    1988 GMC
    2High Sierra Suburban
    Area 51 Recovery unit


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    i wear it whether im in my personal vehicle in the ambulance or in the fire truck i had a head on collision with someone i was driving the ambulance and the person came over the double yellow and hit me i was able to swerve a little bit he almost ripped the corner of the box completely off the ambulance and i walked away i saw i pulled my left leg back at the last second covered with glass my partner in back didnt have a belt on and got tossed to the front of the rig thankfully he was ok we were only doing like 20 miles perhour.

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