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View Poll Results: Why do you wear a seat belt?

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  • I always wear my seat belt, safety first!

    164 70.39%
  • I usually do when I think of it, or if I'm reminded to.

    18 7.73%
  • I rarely wear my seat belt unless someone nags me about it.

    5 2.15%
  • I never wear a seat belt, I think they're unsafe.

    9 3.86%
  • I wear my seat belt just to stop the annoying reminder chime, otherwise I'd never wear it.

    8 3.43%
  • I would wear it, but I'm a rebel. I won't be told what to do (Click-it or Ticket)

    5 2.15%
  • I wear my seat belt just so I don't get a fine.

    23 9.87%
  • My vintage vehicle doesn't have seat belts.

    1 0.43%
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    Default Always

    Ever since I went almost throught the Wind shield, I have always worn my seatbelt. Uncomfortable, tight, restricting; I don't care. I wear it!
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    I always wear mine. Although, I must admit that there are times that my kids have to remind me after starting the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbaniaga View Post
    I always wear mine. Although, I must admit that there are times that my kids have to remind me after starting the car.
    Good for you! Thats great, ya got to the kids early. We're human, we forget.


    2007 Ford E250(Work van) (Ya, Ya, shut up!)
    1996 GMC Sierra SLE 1500 5.7L/4L60E

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    This is a topic that really bugs me. Of course stupidity in general bugs me. I always wear my seatbelt, it takes about .03 seconds to put on and makes a HUGE difference. I'm so accustomed to it that I feel "naked" if I start driving and don't feel the strap holding me in.

    The excuses I've heard are blatent bilboards for ignorance. Wether it is "I don't want to burn up if I'm in a fire" to "I can't breathe". Anybody with half of a brain understands that when making decisions you play the odds and the odds that you'd be in one of those mythical situations where the seatblet acutally hurts you? C'mon.

    Here is my sales pitch. "invest .03 seconds of your time and you can reduce your chances of injury by a HUGE amount in almost every type of accident that exists."

    I gaurantee if you look at the statics, you'll find the number of times people die BECUASE of the seatbelt, it is almost negligable! The people who survive because of seatbelts is STAGGERING. So come on me your skills..which is better?

    I've come on too many accidents at even just 30mph where people without seatbelts get their faces deformed in the windshield and the passenger with the seatbelt walks away and goes home that night that I just can't see how it is worth it.

    Getting thrown clear?? You have to be joking!!! I'd love to see those statistics too. Someone show me that passing through a windshield at 60 mph, hope you hit nothing while flying, and hope you land somehwere soft is the best chance of surviving an accient and I'll give up my new suburban!

    Basically it comes down to this. 99.999% of the time you are better off wearing a if you chose the 0.001%'re just advertising your stupidity to the rest of the world.

    I flipped my car, and it tumbled three times, twice end over end, and the seatblet kept me in the car and I walked away. I can't count the number of times I hear in the news that somebody died in a roll-over accident becuase they were tossed from the vehicle and rolled on by the car. In the same amount of time I havn't heard a single story about someone who died in a roll-over becuase they DID where a seatbelt.

    It doesn't bother me if someone else doesn't wear their seatbelt, it IS their right, just like it is their right to shoot themselves, but it DOES bother me when they don't buckle their kids in. Kids count on their parents to show them how to be smart, if a parent can't provide that, the kid is pretty much F*cked.

    Mabye the people who can't figure it out are best left without their seatbelts, it will speed up evolution.

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    I always wear my seatbelt no matter what. I even feel naked when I'm riding my motorcycle!
    2005 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab ZQ8 Xtreme

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    Sr. Apprentice rwhitbeck's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
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    The last time that I did not wear a seat belt when in a vehicle was back in '87 shortly after the State of Michigan started enforcing seat belt laws...the only reason I didn't wear one then is because I had a '62 BelAir that was not equipped! I joined the military in '87 and I have been wearing seat belts ever since...even in the back seat.

    '88 GMC Suburban
    '76 CJ7 (Project Trail Rig)

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    I have mixed emotions on this, I know they can help, but they also can hurt. I had a freind at work get into a wreck earlier this year, and if he would have had it on he wouldn't have been hurt as bad, but on the other hand my brother had a wreck several years ago and if he would have had his on he wouldn't be here today. I wear mine, but only because it is the law, and I hate to pay a $150.00 dollar fine, but I also feel it is a invasion of my privacy.

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    Jr. Apprentice Mcontrols's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Central Florida


    I buckle up 99.44/100% of the time and require my passangers too as well.

    2006 Tahoe LT
    4-WD 5.3L V-8
    Black Outside
    Buckskin Inside

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    Indiana just made the law that pickups had to wear them now. Up until a month ago it was optional. I am not going to get a ticket over it so no biggie either way. A long time ago my father got in a T-bone situation that if he had not have slid over because he was not wearing a seat belt he might not be here now. With the blow up possibilities on the outward mounted tanks on the 73-87 series on a side impact I used not to because of a perceived quick exit just in case. My $.02
    1985 Scottsdale C-20 454 4 speed 3.21
    1986 Custom Deluxe C-10 350 4 speed OD 2.73

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    I don't even have to think about it, it's like second nature

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