Like many of you I have a laundry list of things that need some attention on my truck, but can't a guy just catch a break??? When I replaced my front shocks I was pleasantly surprised () to find that the previous owner had removed the sleeves from the shock bushings and crushed the shock mounts in... that was a butt load of fun, no room to swing a hammer, ended up modifying a brake caliper spreader to get it opened up enough to put the new ones in. A few months later I decided the rears were well overdue, went and picked some up, but of course when I poked my head up her rear I find more pigeon toe'd shock mounts. Not really wanting to get into it so close to dark I instead decided (shoot I was already greasy, may as well accomplish something!) to tweak the adjusting screw on my steering box to get rid of some of the play, shouldn't be anything major, and I was right! Quick and easy! So I go out for a test drive, steering feels great, then a mile from home my brake pedal hits the floor. Limp it home nice and slow, jump out and find that I have blown a wheel cyl. So a simple shock replacement turns out not so simple and as a trade off for decent steering I have to give up brakes. So I guess saturday went from "quiet and relaxing" to "where's my big f'n hammer?" I don't know the moral of this story.