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Alston, Why would you have to mount & balance the spare just because you involved it in the 5 tire rotation pattern? Isn't it suppose to be mounted & balanced from the factory just like the other 4?
If GM isn't balancing the spares, then there's going to be even more pizzed off owners when they put their out of balance spare on & it thumps & shakes the crapola outta them
You are correct the whole point in the spare being mounted and balanced when you need it. What I am getting at is a spare (on all the GM trucks I have owned ) did not come with a "factory" wheel but a black steel wheel and the spare tire would have to mounted and balanced on one of the 4 wheels cause I am not going to be rocking 1 steel wheel and 3 factory wheels on my NNBS to try and save a buck. Am I missing something with expecting a 5th factory wheel as a spare?? I am a very simple man so this night be going right over my head.