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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    I didnt expect a matching wheel just an 18"steel and 18"tire that matched those on the road.
    If you had read the full post you would see that is was June2010 that we found out the tire did not match.
    I do like to get what I pay for and GM cheated me on this issue.. I also had purchased a matching wheel to have the spare changed over so all five tires and wheels would match.I prefer a 5 tire rotation as the spare is no good after a couple of years anyway so you lose value by not rotating all 5. Unless you go to much larger wheels then it is more difficult as the fit under the bed is incompatible.

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    Good post . Until #3 it really isn't a wash. As 2=3 years will have passed without using the spare,in most cases, the spare loses it's value as the dot date runs out and you can't sell it and the environment has already started breaking it down.
    As for the wheel and tire fitting under the truck. It fits very well if you read previous posts you would have seen this..
    Yes some will laugh at this post and that is there right. Some just can't comprehend the idea of paying for something and then not getting it. But we won't go into upbringing here.
    Just think if you ordered a cd player and got an AM/FM radio. same concept.

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    well I think if you can't piss you need to have a doc check yer kidneys, son.

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    Glad you finally got here. laughing is good for you.

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    Sorry missed your point completely. Oh wait did you make a point? Other than being a jack ass!!

    Coach24, I'm not going to reply to this Thread anymore.....and with that being said,

    Please take a look at the Below Thread......Page 2.....Reply Number #20


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