I am wondering if anyone had the same problem. I had gone from a triple dog to a trinity and was high disappointed. It's like diablosport did nothing but change my speed limit. And for the average customer I don't know how to do my own tune settings cause its a do it yourself programmer. After having it for almost a half a year. Took 2 months for the right updates to be on it so I could upload the STOCK or 87 tune on the programmer. Once I put loaded the 87tune it did nothing but change my speed limit. Bully dog I was able to change to a 93 tune and change my rev limit, speed limit, and transmission shift points which diablo doesn't offer which is crap. I'm deciding to go back to bullydog and get the bully dog gt

In other words diablo wants u to pay 600 for the trinity then pay another 100 just for there custom tunes sooo 700 for the programmer just so it can work which 700? yeaah