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    Default How Do I Get the Fuel Filter Off?

    I have 2002 Suburban with the 5.3L Flex Fuel Chevy Engine. I need to change the fuel filter. It looks like it is the original AC Delco GF626 filter. The outlet side of the filter had what GM calls the "Quick Connect - Metal Collar" fitting. It has a garter spring that holds the fuel line in place. I bought an Assenmacher AST8022 tool for removing "2002-04 Chevy Tahoe and Suburban" fuel filters. It looks like this tool will work fine with the replacement filter that I have bought (Purolator F55215).

    The problem is the filter on the trunk right now. The AC Delco filter has a boss where the outlet fuel line goes on to the filter which PREVENTS the tool from seating against the fuel line and hence being able to disengage the garter spring.

    Does anyone have any ideas short of cutting the old filter off? Is there a better tool than the one I have purchased?

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    What kind of tool are you using? The plastic type that comes in different sizes, or the metal one that looks like a pair of scissor?

    A picture of the offending part in the way may help us, as I am not familiar with this type of filter. I am familiar with the quick connect fittings though.

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    I like these from Lisle. Great for use in confined spaces.
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    The first picture shows the filter now installed on the truck. Notice the "boss" on the output line which prevents the tool from sliding up and releasing the gater spreing int he quick disconnect fitting.

    The second picture shows the tool I bought for removing the filter.

    The last filter shows the replacement filter which does not have a "boss."

    Thanks for your help.
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    That boss looks more like just a rubber fuel line, or am I wrong?

    If it is a quick release type fitting give it a little pull to see if it moves at all. The quick release fittings are made so they can be turned, and pulled a little when they are connected.

    There are some that have a safety clip you have to remove before you can get the fitting to release but from your picture to me it looks like a rubber hose with an old still spring clip on it. If it is, and you can tell by just feeling around the hose for the spring release tangs. If it is just spin the hose around until you can get at the tangs, squeeze them together with a flat pair of pliers.

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    The boss I'm referring to is on the filter itself. It is preventing my tool from seating against the outlet line. There are no release tangs on this version. The tool I have looks just like the one in the GM manual.

    If the tool were just a little bit shorter, it would fit seat around the outlet line and I could release the garter spring. I just dislike cutting on a new tool!

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    since you are not saving the old filter why not use a set of dykes to cut the old filter at the boss and then use needle nose plyers and the re-lease tool to get the nipple out?.
    that hose should move back alittle more and your tool might get in but why fight it. cut remove and reinstall.
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    I found the tool to take the filter off. It's a Lisle 35000 "Fuel Filter Disconnect tool - GM." The two semi-circular pieces can slip over the "boss" on the filter and under the lip of the quick disconnect fitting. The handle then holds the two semi-circular pieces together, making it easy to dis-engage the quick disconnect fitting.

    For what it's worth, the original filter was an AC Delco GF-644 filter. I can't find any reference anywhere to that filter. The owner's manual calls for a GF-626 and the current AC Delco catalog calls for a GF-481.

    The filter has been changed and I should be good for 30,000 miles!
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    cross references the number:
    Search Results for GF644
    Part Number.......Manufacturer..........WIX Part Number
    GF644 ................ AC DELCO ................ 33623
    For Reference Only. Check Vehicle Application Listing for Correct WIX Filter.

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    Thanks for the cross-reference, Unplugged. I'm sticking with Purolator - I know I can replace that filter easily!

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