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Mr. Sierra, You are spot on when it come to fuel pumps. I have had 2 Yukons (2001) (2002) and both of them required new fuel pumps. One of them required 2. All of the pumps were replaced before 100,000 miles. I asked my brother who is a mechanic and he said gm's are known for this issue. He also said it has NOTHING to do with the gas you buy. This is a classic GM issue that will not be resolved even if GM is aware of this! They will not do any recalls because $ will be involved. It puts the consumer once again in a tough spot and I am sorry we have to be put in this situation.
Holy thread revival Batman!!!!

Adding to this topic, I've recently replaced my fuel pump. There was a change in the electrical connectors which I hope have alliviated any major issues down the line.