GM is going to sink over $330 million into the GM plant to help make future Chevrolet Tahoes, Suburbans, GMC Yukons and Cadillac Escalades.

ARLINGTON, Tex. –General Motors will add 110 jobs and invest $331 million to purchase tooling and equipment and expand the Arlington Assembly Plant to make future Chevrolet Tahoes, Suburbans, GMC Yukons and Cadillac Escalades.

“This investment will allow us to continue building award-winning full-size SUVs that offer better fuel efficiency than ever before without sacrificing the features and functionality they’ve come to expect,” GM Manufacturing Manager Larry Zahner said Thursday. “We remain committed to providing customers the utility and capability of our world-class full-size SUVs.”

Thursday’s announcement is part of the $2 billion in U.S. investment that GM announced for 17 facilities in eight states on May 10. Announcements positively impacting employment were made recently at assembly plants in Bowling Green, Ky., and Detroit, Mich.; and at powertrain plants in Toledo, Ohio, as well as Flint and Bay City, Mich. This is on top of $3.4 billion invested and 9,000 jobs created or retained in the United States since mid-2009.

The Arlington investment is primarily for manufacturing machinery, equipment, special tooling and an expansion of the current facility. The plant, which opened in 1954, built its 9-millionth vehicle earlier this month. It last was expanded in 2001, to 3.75 million square feet.

“We truly appreciate the support we have enjoyed from the Arlington community over the years,” said Zahner. “This investment is possible because of the teamwork between GM, the UAW, the Arlington community and the great State of Texas.”
The 110 new jobs will be added to an existing workforce of 2,400 hourly and salaried employees at Arlington.

“Today’s announcement of a future product and more jobs for the Arlington Plant shows that the members of UAW Local 276 have what it takes to compete and win in today’s global auto market,” said UAW Vice President-GM Department Joe Ashton. “Our members have answered every challenge placed before them. Their highly developed skills and abilities enhance their capacity to build world-class vehicles for American consumers.”