Hello all,
This is my 1st post (hope I'm in the right forum!) and I'm looking
for some help with a cruise installation. My recently acquired van
is the Plainest Jane of all, with zero options so I'm adding one or two.

2005 G3500 Express Cargo Van. 6L with auto. Std wheelbase.

The mechanical install went well with the cable from the servo box
installed at the Throttle Body next to the cable from the GoPedal.

I have located all of the electrical signals but two. Can't find VSS
and TACH. I bought a Haynes manual for this van, but it is worse
than useless - no schematic or pix of those signals. They must go
to the computer under the hood, but I'm clueless as to which wire.
Being temporarly mobility limited, I can't crawl under the beast or
I could follow the wire (VSS) from the Xmission. TACH? I wouldn't
know where to begin to look.......

Sure hope someone can help me to find them.
My thanks in advance.

[I have wondered if all option levels of the same model have the ]
[same cable harness. Would make sense. If so, there should be ]
[a connector for the factory cruise - with the proper signals. ]
[Does anyone know if this is true....or false? ]