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    I can see how it would be aggravating to have to unlock the door a hundred times a day, but I can't think of any scenario other than farm use where automatic locking would be undesirable. Having the option to turn it off would be nice. I always err on the side of caution: I make sure my truck is in park before anybody opens a door, and if I'm a passenger, I ask the driver to put the vehicle in park before I get out. It drives my wife crazy, but all it takes is a foot to slip off the brake for a second. There was a 7-year old near where I live that got killed that way - Mom stopped the minivan to let the kid out, as he's getting out the back door her foot slipped of the brake and he was pulled under the minivan and run over by the rear wheel.

    For you guys that keep getting locked out because your door locks automatically with the key partway in the ignition, if you have keyless entry invest a couple dollars in one of these:
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    I put my car/truck keys on one side, and the keyless entry fob on the other. I can start the truck, close the door and lock it with the fob, then go back inside and finish my coffee while it warms up. If I stop at 7-11, I can leave the keys in the ignition, lock it with the fob, and any ne'er-do-wells that are hanging around hear the horn and know it's locked and the alarm is set. It has the added benefit of keeping all of my house and work keys from dangling, jingling, and slapping me in the leg when I'm driving.

    I've locked myself out of vehicles more times than I care to remember (that's okay because my wife remembers all of them,) but it hasn't happened int the couple years that I've been using this.

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    Just read this whole thread.. Boy you can sure tell by the responses who lives in a city.. I hate things that try to think for me and auto door locks are right at the top. My Caravan has the ability to disable it and it was one of the first things I did when I got it home. even though my Silverado has manual locks and this doesn't really effect me I think it's stupid of GM not to have disabling that "feature" as a user option.

    If my only choice was a rip-off dealer I would rewire the truck and take the computer out of the loop. Might have to add a relay or two but switches and actuators can be made to work without a stupid computer in the way.

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    Drives me and my wife insane. Our routine on Saturday is that I take her to do all her errands and I let her out at the door while I go park. Every damn time someone has to remember to unlock the frigging door. If I want them locked, I'm perfectly capable of pushing the button. And I think it's a safety issue. If I have an accident, I don't want them waiting for the police to get there so somebody will break the damn window to get me out.

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