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    Default 94 suburban rear a/c inop.

    94 suburban rear a/c not operational. when the from in this near 100f weather is blowing 48f at the vent the rear is lucky to be blowing ambient. depending on the time of day(heat) it will blow up to 20f warming than ambient. the chiltons does not really give me any real info in the rear a/c system making it even harder to troubleshoot. so my questions are as follows:

    1: is there an interrupt/activation solenoid on the rear system that could be bad?

    2: what are the common faults for rear a/c systems?

    3: is there a second charge point for the rear a/c that im just being retarded and not seeing or is it all charged from the same point?

    heres 1 more question about the front a/c, it blows cold but the fan seems weak to me. even my blower pushes more air and thats saying something. anyone that knows about t-bird knows that there blowers and environmental systems in general are defective from the start. so is there an aftermarket blower or something from some other chevy model that is stronger that will cross over?
    94 sub 6inch lift 34inch bfg mt. massive rework project soon. the audio system hit 150.3db so now its time to rebuild and try for 155db. mudpuppy is also getting a new engine, rebuilt ifs, dual 500amp 15.1vdc alts, 5 5,000amp batts, ant the combined wattage with the new system should be close to 15,000watts. this is going to be a wild ride boy and girls.

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    1. No

    2. Two common faults. One, your r134a is too low (check with gauges.) Two, your rear expansion valve is clogged and needs replacing. It is a tricky procedure but can be done.

    3. There is only one charge point. Keep in mind that adding more r134a blindly is dangerous and stupid. Please use gauges. Please check for leaks. Please fix all leaks or other problems first. You may have to replace parts. A good idea is to take it to a shop to recover your r134a and then inspect your orifice tube. If clogged, your system needs to be fully taken apart and flushed, with the condenser, accumulator, rear expansion valve, and possibly your compressor replaced. Only cost feasible to replace if you do the work yourself and then pay someone to vacuum and then charge it (unless you have access to equipment to do that.) Oh, and don't forgot to have 11oz. of PAG 150 oil in the system if you do rebuild from scratch.

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    well i even sat up until 0600 researching for the aft a/c system. found plenty on the front but nothing for the aft. any info at all would be great. pics, stats ext. i prefer to know a little about the system before i dig into but if all else fails ill still dig into it.

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    Did you ever "dig into" your rear ac on your truck?

    Am looking at flushing the full AC (front and rear evaporators) on my '99 Suburban and am interested in ways to access the rear TXV, that won't include cutting open the HVAC box. (as mentioned in the article on the '94/'95 Suburbans with failed rear TXV).


    '99 GMC Suburban K1500 SLT 5.7L

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    sorry for late reply. i never ended up having time to dig into the rear a/c. i continued to use it while the a/c was on and after time it started getting colder on it own. so i have no idea what was actually wrong but im sure it will happen again come next summer forcing me to dig into it.

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