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    Default Best break in oil

    Please sound off with your opinion on the best oil to use for initial start up, and engine break in.
    I'm about at that point, and I'd like to hear what the general feeling is.

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    Use whatever brand of oil you like and use either synthetic or dino oil. Whatever makes you happy. Makes absolutely NO difference.

    It is complete BS when people say you can't break an engine in on synthetic. I have rebuilt many engines in my day and I always have started them out from day 1 with Royal Purple. Never had an issue. Have done it with strip engines( ie; drags )too and tear downs later showed proper break in but no serious wear. I swap my new vehicles over to it anywhere from 1500-2000 just because there is no sense wasting the oil that coems in them.

    Bottom line is use whatever brand and kind of oil you like. You can use regular conventional oil or synthetic and your engine will break in just fine on either. My personal recommendation is Royal Purple.

    It is far more important that your engine was assembled properly and that you made sure all your clearances are within tolerances. THAT will have far more impact on the engine then the brand or kind of oil you use.

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    For the new engines in my life I have always taken the advice of my neighbor who owns his own auto shop and did some racing.
    He told me to use regular oil but change it frequently in the first 3000 miles.
    Oil changes at 500, 1000, 1500, and 3000. After that he said to use whatever you want.

    Did it help? I don't know. It let me feel like I was taking good care of the new engine though.
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    My rebuilder told me the same thing. Breaking using any good quality oil. As long as its treated right for the first little bit and good tolerances your good to go. You know how to treat it for the first little bit
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    You now how to treat it for the first little bit
    Yep!! Whip the snot out of it, and see what breaks first.....what?!
    That's not why it's called "Break in"?

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    Default Opinions vary even among the pros

    Opinions on the subject of break in oil varies. Old schoolers will recommend regular motor oil, and nexgens will give synthetics the green light. Experience is the best teacher here. Use what works for you. Even the pro's differ on this. Here is an excerpt from the Crane Cams website:
    NOTE: Do not use synthetic oil during the break-in period. It is not recommended to use any type of oil restrictors to the lifter galley, or use windage trays, baffles,or plug any oil return holes in the valley. Oil has a two-fold purpose, not only to lubricate, but to draw the heat away from whatever it comes in contact with. The cam needs oil splash from the crankcase, and oil run-back from the top of the engine to help draw the heat away. Without this oil flow, all the heat generated at the cam is transferred to the lifter, which can contribute to it's early demise.
    My personal experience is to use regular motor oil, then switch to the synthetics. Not right or wrong, it just works for me.
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