I have done OK over the years . Spent last 2 years volunteering at the VA in Slc and Got a huge wake up call. I met soldiers who came back from raq and Afghanistan missing a few pieces of their bodies and they had a better attitude than I did. I became friends with several from the Vietnam era and sadly I attended too many funerals this last couple of years. They may be gone but the stories they left me with , will go on forever. I learned much the media doesn't tell us about what our soldiers are going through. I have a bil who came back totally messed up as he was clothes-lined while sitting on top a Humvee. He was a gunner. Now he is a basket case. I work with him frequently to try and help but I am no brain surgeon and unfortunately he is losing brain cells daily. I believe they call it TBI. No,No, not throttle body injection. Traumatic Brain Injury.
And I drive a Chevy and his wife drives a dodge, that might be part of the problem.