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    I have done OK over the years . Spent last 2 years volunteering at the VA in Slc and Got a huge wake up call. I met soldiers who came back from raq and Afghanistan missing a few pieces of their bodies and they had a better attitude than I did. I became friends with several from the Vietnam era and sadly I attended too many funerals this last couple of years. They may be gone but the stories they left me with , will go on forever. I learned much the media doesn't tell us about what our soldiers are going through. I have a bil who came back totally messed up as he was clothes-lined while sitting on top a Humvee. He was a gunner. Now he is a basket case. I work with him frequently to try and help but I am no brain surgeon and unfortunately he is losing brain cells daily. I believe they call it TBI. No,No, not throttle body injection. Traumatic Brain Injury.
    And I drive a Chevy and his wife drives a dodge, that might be part of the problem.

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    power lines were bad over there if the driver or tc wasnt paying attention it was very east to get clothes a gunner you are more focused on security around the truck and trying to see if you can spot IED's power lines are kind of a second thought. i hope the best for him and thank you for helping out the veterans as one it means a lot
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    Well Sarge I am truly grateful to all the men and women who help keep this country safe. Only wish the White house would wake up and take care of our veterans a bit better. While they get increases in pay veterans don't . and then Obutthead wants to increase the veterans cost of health insurance to the vet. Hopefully next election we can find some people who really care about this country instead of their wallets.

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    to be honest the only thing ive used the VA for is the GI bill but i had to pay to get that any way. i pretty much just do everything else on my own but thats more or less how i was raised. it would be nice if the top dogs cared more but thats the way its always been atleast its better than it was for the WW2 korea vietnam and desert storm vets....the govt pretty much told them all to F*&$ off

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    Yes it is getting better for some of those. But in the new benefits book the Korean war vets still get tweaked.
    I was shocked when reading the benefits book that different conflicts result in different benefits. Heck a veteran is a veteran no matter what conflict. Give all the same benefits and save paper. However I do believe those in the battlefield should receive a different amount of respect than the ones who stayed home and pushed paper back and forth.
    If only all Americans were brought up as you and I to take care of our own(like the marines). this country would still be flying high.

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    yep sadly they havent it seems as tho a lot of people on this forum are like that maybe its a chevy thing??? lol the thing that got me is while i was deployed in a combat zone getting shot at etc....soldiers that deployed to kuwait and never left kuwait got paid they exact same thing as i did, and they are the ones who make it harder for people that have been shot at and what not to get the benefits they deserve. ive had people that depoyled to kuwait tell me they have PTSD.

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    The line is too long of those not in combat trying to get PTSD disability. I have a different relative that played that for 6 years they finally gave him disability for bipolar he had before he joined. He is now at 70% and trying to get to 100%. He can run, walk like all normal people but he wants to sit and let his wife work and he collect disability while watching child porn on his laptop the VA gave him. Pisses me off.
    It would be like giving the guy who opens the chute more money than the guy riding the bull.

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    I have enjoyed reading the conversation between you guys. There are a lot of problems in America today. One of them is people standing around waiting on the Government or someone else to solve the problem. The other is the failure of this nation to care for the veterans who gave some much for so little. I served my country but I do not consider myself a veteran. I was never in a combat unit, in a combat zone, or even had someone try a kill me because of my uniform. So when asked to stand and be recognized along side combat veterans, I tend to keep my seat.
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    Very noble caddi. But I am sure you had some part of helping keep this Greta country safe. Stand and be proud of that damn uniform and represent it well. Some of us who wanted to enlist were denied due to trivial health issues and such. No not alcoholism. And at no time did I intend to short sight the support group at home but my inference was that many who did not get on the field are trying to sit on freebies and get lazy mans wages for life. I applaud your reasoning , but believe you should stand with every other person who has served our country with honor.
    I mean , heck you can't be all bad, you do drive a Chevy, Right?

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    that dog of his is pretty evil tho! and he is our number one spammer on the site!

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