Hey guys.

I recently inherited a 1997 1500 4x4 Suburban with the 5.7L engine.

I have been a VW guy for quite some time and wanted to see how the mods align/differ between the Turbo tinys and the Big brute.

OK, ina VW, mods usually go like this :Chip, xhaust, suspension, intake, bigger turbo.

my question is, in a Suburban, will the air intake/exhuast free up the fuel mileage like it does in the small car? My MPG went from 30-35 when I swapped out to a less restrictive exhuast in the GTI. If I could get 3-4 MPG out of the Suburban, that would be awesome.

Have you guys seen any improved mileage from aftermarket parts, or does it just give more power?

Also, while I am here.... What should I change immediately on a truck with 100K and dubious maintenance? Fuel Filter, Trans fluid, etc...?