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    If you think it is bad down there, you should come up to Edmonton, Alberta. This is the place where people figure they don't need to signal while changing lanes/merging. We also have those people that like to sit in the fast lane going slower than the people in the fast lane just to hold up traffic. And then we also have the city police and city bus drivers that like to speed thru construction zones. Oh and the real smart ones are the ones who drive for like 5+ minutes with their signal light on. I am still trying to figure out how people can be so oblivious to this. I mean, most signal lights when on, make some sort of sound.

    I find it funny too, how it can be just beautiful out, dry roads, clear sky and people still get into accidents. And the winter is even worse up here. a 3 lane highway turns into 2. And then 99% of the people on the road don't realize that if the road is snow covered, but you can see the line(s) yet one of the tire tracks is on the wrong side of it, that you have to legally stay in the line(s). People should be tested every 5 years to prove they are still competent drivers.

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    I you try sleeping in the left lane in Germany you will be pulling a Mercedes emblem out your A-hole.

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    caddi i know what you mean by what you said but i think you had a brain fart typing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caddiac View Post
    I checked and my CWP does not cover nuclear weapons. I have heard though that there are conversion companies that will install a 50 cal in a turret like arrangement in the back of a suburban. Problem is you have to have some one back there to fire it. I was kinda hoping for something on the steering column. LOL
    A 50 cal turret would work, but I'll go for the Mad Max cattle pusher. No shrapnel to dodge.
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    you could always get the crows nest turret, remote controlled turret, so that way you can be in the drivers seat and still control the belt fed machine gun! i would also put a big brush guard to ram the s^%$ out of cars with out damaging your own vehicle

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    How about the gattling from an A10?

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    oooo that would be awesome!!

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    A nice GAU 17 or MK 19 would work real nice to fix the problem also.

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    so when do you want to go raid an armory??

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    Have you been to He has mini guns that shoot air pellets. They are sweeeet! Not that it'd do you much good on the back window of that minivan in front of you.

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