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    I think it might just be th location that you rented at, I would check with their manager to see what they can do to help you. I know that probably is not what you want to do with a child in the hospital but it will get results. Not trying to be rude but the only way that customer service anywhere will get better is if people express their complaints to someone that can actually do something about it. Just my .02, hope things get better with your kid.


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    Yeah, the manager was there at the time and she clearly didn't care. I think they're just gonna let that location go ghetto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    What gets me is that Enterprise used to be SOOOO good, and now it's been SOOOO bad. What changed in just a few years to do a 100% reversal?

    Ding, Ding, Ding!!!! A winner. I was a 20 year customer, and stopped using them. Between the inconvenient hours, the old, filthy, dented cars and the slow, inexperienced counter folks, I'm through.
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    As far as the oil change, there is unfortunately no way you can verify it was not done. They could have changed it and forgot to reset the counter. It happens all the time.

    Good luck on future rentals. Try Dollar/Trifty, I always have had good luck with them.

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    Almost EXACT same thing happened to me. After I was rear-ended I was set up with an Enterprise rental. I was also given an HHR and it was filthy. There were hideous and disgusting stains covering every seat (I don't even want to think about what caused them all). On top of that, it had a horrible smell of body odor the entire time I had it. Despite my general dislike for christmas tree air fresheners, I had to buy two to put in the car AND leave the windows cracked the entire time I had it. Unfortunately, it was about 2 weeks that I had to deal with this thing. Every time I got out of the car i felt like the smell had transfered to my clothes so I walked around self-consciously thinking that I smelled the same way.

    On top of that, after returning the car I got absolutely no sort of notification whatsoever. After 2 weeks had gone by and I still hadn't received my deposit back, I called the office that the car came from and she replies, "Oh, yes... We never got around to your refund. I'll do it right now". So, if I had never called, I guess I would have never gotten my refund back? I mean, it took her 2 minutes on the phone to do it.

    Pretty sad stuff.

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    Wow, looks like they think they're too big to fail. lol

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    Steve, Did you say anything when you returned it?
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    The truck is in the shop getting lifted so I called up Enterprise and they put me in a Slowbalt and this is what the tire/wheel looks like......

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    Default enterprise car rental issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Spike View Post
    I rent cars evey week. I allways use Avis. I'm preferred customer. Allways have a clean, if not new car, waiting at the airports for me. no waiting at all. Love there Camaros and Yukons The best.
    I am a avis preferred customer, but I also use other car rental companies. Avis is good and does provide a clean vehicle that is a very close match to your vehicle type/selection...alamo is good but avis is better..never used hertz to pricey...

    Enterprise is not to be used...If you like a dirty vehicle that is totally different from your vehicle type requested , and enjoy the smell of dirt garbage this is your best choice..

    customer service takes your money , then starts playing hard ball when you start complaining...this is because, this is condition normal to them !

    when flying in to your trip desination , I would say Avis is a safe choice ..

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    The last time I used Enterprise was November last year. The customer service was as always great, but I like you did not get the car I wanted/reserved. They didn't charge me extra, but I didn't need the extra gas expense either. As for the dents and damage, That never bothered me, in fact the more the better, just harder for them to say I caused any of it. The interiors are generally pretty clean, but I have had some pretty badly stained seats, enough so that I put a towel down so nothing transferred. All in all I always just figure they don't get paid that much, are under a lot of pressure to move the cars and probably won't be there the next time I rent which won't be anytime soon.

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