I'm going to return it today. We actually called down to have it swapped out and they said they would "have one tomorrow for us" ... we called back the next day and of course they didn't have anything for us. We did this for two days and just said screw it, we've got more important issues.

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I called up there and talked with the manager, her name is Katy. She's very nice and has been there about a month, she claims that she was moved there to help turn around this location.

I told her my experience and she said that it was not acceptable and I asked if maybe we can get an insurance rate on it for our trouble instead of the walk-in retail rate, she actually did it just a little bit better than that and lowered it down to $26 per day (my insurance rate was $27 per day) so that will save me a couple of hundred $$ on the overall rental.

That's what I'm talking about! Companies need to be flexible and work to keep the customer happy becuase you never know when someone will pop out a camera and take a video of a nasty Chevy HHR from Enterprise and put video up on Youtube (or GMTruckClub.com).