Im a maintenance mechanic and like to work on things myself. After losing everything in my divorce and recent illness I stumbled upon a 1999 Suburban at a price I could not resist. This is the first vehicle Ive owned in three years. That makes it my third child. lol Theres A few little things Id like to fix and need advice.
More about me; I love playing guitar and camping with my children. I like imported beer and domestic vehicles lol!
my problem:
The power locks try to move on the first attempt but seem to lack the power. Upon other attempts, they dont move at all. Theres a black module under dash that clicks when trying to activate locks. Im guess the black module is a control relay. So Im thinking this black module has bad contacts or one of the lock solenoids is pulling the power down on the circuit. Any help for a poor single dad who brings home less half his pay thanks to a biased court system who refused to recognize a responsable man can raise children too, would be greatly appreciated. Lol Yeah Im still a little bitter but Im getting used to being broke.