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    Default Manifold Gasket and reat Heater hose replacement 1999 C1500 Suburban 350


    I posted in the SUV area and received great advice.
    I would lie to get some aditional info on a problem.
    My Suburban has developed a larfe coolant leak that lows dow the rear of the engine and off of the torque converter case (bell housing).
    I will have to do this repair myself.
    I understand there is a "fitting" at the rear of the engine that is prone to failure and relates to the flow of coolant.
    Is there a step by step guide for these repairs?
    Is the rear heater hose connected to the "fitting".
    I want to do this repair once due to time and would like to do any preventative work that is common to my truck.


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    I'm not sure what fitting you are asking about, the only thing in the rear of the engine i can think of is the freeze plugs, I have seen them fail from corrosion. If they are in the rear of the block you most likely need to move the trans back out of the way. There is a tool available that is bent with a ball on the end that will accept the freeze plug press. it is designed to be pivoted on the frame or other pivot point. If it is in a place where you can sing a hammer you can use a lagre socket to tap it in. Let me know if this is what you have leaking and if you need more help.

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    The heater hose fitting at the front of the manifold is prone to failure, maybe that's the fitting you are thinking of.

    It might be wise to buy/borrow a cooling system pressure tester to find the exact location of the leak.
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