Peltier Chevrolet cannot be trusted and has lost my business forever.

I received a sales add from the dealership regarding "Authorized Vehicle BuyBack Notice". The add went on to say that Peltier has been authorized by GM to buyback GM vehicles at Original Base MSRP for Trade-in of a new GM vehicle. Quote in the fine print " less 15cents per mile, less reconditioning, less excessive wear/Tear.

So i call the dealership Friday and verified the sale is still going on, and i told the sales lady what i was wanting to trade in, ect.. She verified that sale was exactly as i read and that its going on through Monday. So i packup and drove 200miles to this dealership with the family Saturday.

When i arrive at the dealership i snooped around the lot for a bit and found a truck i liked ( 2500 4x4 Duramax ) and set off to find "Fedilia" my sales lady. I ask her to take a look at my trade-in ( perfect condition, 5000miles on the ODO, Base MSRP $30,065 ). She comes back 15min later and says she would offer me $17,000 for my truck. I pull out the sales add and tell her i want this deal, she says the $17k is the best she will do. So i ask to speak to her sales manager to find the reasoning.
The sales manager comes out "Corey" and tells me that there is no way he is going to pay me what i want because i only financed 22k on the truck when i bought it. I told the guy that i dont appreciate him looking up my personal information, and that regardless of what i paid for my truck that it does not effect the value of my trade-in, and why was he not honoring his Advertisement. I showed him my factory base MRSP on my window sticker, and quoted his ad to him, he said it could mean anything, and that i could take the deal or leave it, then he turned around and left.

At this point i was completely livid. These jack-asses sent out false advertisement, I called and confirmed the advertisement, then drove 200miles to the dealership just to be told they dont have to honor the deal. Then be treated like an idiot by their sales manager telling me "Factory Base MSRP" could mean anything!

Buyer Beware!