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    Default New Piston Rings

    I have a 90 Burban with a 350 FI engine. I need new piston rings. I was wondering what is the average cost to me if I have a mechanic do the job.
    1990 Chevy Suburban (4WD)

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    I'd say between 1000 and 1500 at least. Going that deep into the motor is going to be considered an engine rebuild. How do you know you need rings anyways?

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    Well, I have to add a quart of oil about every 2 weeks. there are no leaks anywhere.

    I am suspecting that the oil is being burned because of blowbye, due to worn rings.

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    Default New Goodwrench motor for ~$1600

    If it is going to cost you $1000-$1500(and that seems about right considering shop labor is $100/hr or so), you might as well get a new-not rebuilt,new-GM Goodwrench motor for the same $1500-$1600. I'm planning to do the same thing with my 196,000 mile motored Suburban(which is running good).It is possible it is just valve guide seals-does it give a good puff of smoke at startup,and then not smoke after warmup?
    If you have a lot of blowby it should run like crap(power down,and missing),and the plugs should be fouled?

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    have you done a compression test? or a leak down test? the leak down will show if the rings are bad and you can get a short block almost anywhere for $499+ depending on what add ins you add. i do a leak down and see if it is valve guides or rings....mike
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