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    Dude thanks! Im setup with the regular tools that any car guy would have and I'm not afraid of hard work. my thought was if things are bad enough I.E. Blowing Smoke stacks or Loosing a lot of coolant) then get the head gasket kit and go at it. I fouond the heads remand for 300, so thats somewhat afordable. If it doesnt run funky or have a major loss of fluids then I will be ok
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    i used Bars Leak head gasket repair and it worked for me until i threw a rod. that was a couple years.
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    I always had worries about bars cloggin up the radiator or heater core.... IDK guess it does work.
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    $300 for a pair of heads? That's pretty cheap. You could get out of the job for under $500 with gaskets, fluids, oil change, etc.
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    Yeah I found them on ebay from a place about a 40 mins away from me in dallas. They are 340 shipped. If I have to I could get them. Although the more I think about it.the white smoke. Will likely have to do with the heads or their gaskets.
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    Its common for the "Vortec" heads to get warped head on them or blow headgaskets. Its very common for them to warp. Easy fix like others have said bring it to a machine shop and resurface them. Just take your time and do it right and it will work fine. Do your valve covers say Vortec on them?
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    Default Compression readings

    Well here they are guys...
    CYL 1=185 CYL 2=178
    CYL 3=180 CYL 4=182
    CYL 5=190 CYL 6=188
    Forgot to ask my bro if the valve covers say vortec on them, but its a 92 thottle body injected ( carb with the 2 fuel injectors in it) so Id assume its not a vortec engine. with the numbers being this high Im thinking the engine was replaced or rebuilt not too many miles ago. Im leaning toward the valve seals being worn and if so would that cause the engine to burn alot of oil? How hard would it be to change the valve seals? Its to my understanding that I will need A spring compression tool, air compressor, and a fitting for the spark plug screw hole.
    Now I wont get to the truck until the 22nd of this month so if you have any questions Id be askin my bro to check. What you folks think?
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    Leaking heads will often push oil in the the radiator (at least it did on a Ford I had). I would look for oily film in the top of the radiator. Also look for evidence of water in the oil. If you do not see evidence of oil where the water is suppose to be or water where the oil is suppose to be then I would focus on the valve guides unless the smoke continues while driving.

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    My bro says it doesn't continue to smoke while driving... thank god!
    I have my dad goin over to check a couple of things for me so I will ask him what's up.
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    Sounds like just some leaky valve seals. Nothing to worry about right now.
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