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    Default Tracy Chevrolet Review - Tracy, CA

    Tracy Chevrolet . Review for one of the biggest Chevy dealers in the area. Please add your comments to this review at will.

    Tracy Chevrolet
    3400 Auto Plaza Way
    Tracy, CA 95304

    Sales:(877) 816-4640

    Tracy Chevrolet Website | Google Places
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    Default My eperience at Tracy Chevrolet

    I want to comment on the absolutely horrific experience I just received at the Tracy Chevrolet.

    My employer provides me with a vehicle, and when I reach a set number of miles they replace it. They do this by leasing the vehicle from a national supplier. When I choose and order a vehicle it is shipped brand new to the local dealership for me to pick up. It is not purchased from that dealership. I have a selection of four vehicles to choose from, one of them being the chevy malibu.

    Today I stopped at each of the dealerships for those four possible cars with the goal of looking at one, assessing it's viability for my job requirements, and taking it for a short test drive to evaluate it's driving abilities including turn radius and feel as I work largely in San Francisco and parking is tight, and I spend 50K miles a year in it, so it needs to be comfortable to me.

    Each time this has happened during my employment (4 total so far) I have had great experiences with dealerships providing me with assistance and a short test drive, knowing full well ahead of time that there would be no sale.

    THIS TIME, at the TRACY CHEVROLET dealership, I was told that I could not take it for a test drive because there wasn't a possibility of a sale, and it was suggested that I should go and rent one for a few days if I wanted to drive one. They would not even unlock the car so that I could sit in it!

    To be plain...I have never personally owned a car other than a Chevy. I currently own a 95 Camaro and an 09 Avalanche LTZ. I have on several occasions needed diagnostics/service on my camaro, and have taken it to the Tracy Chevrolet location due to its convenience in proximity. I have never had the option for a Chevy vehicle for my company car before and I was very excited to have a Chevy as an option!

    After this experience, there is a good chance I will go with the Ford, but if I do go with the Malibu it will be due to superior service from a different Chevy dealer. In addition, the Service for my new car, if it's the Malibu, will not be done at the Tracy Chevrolet either, as it would have otherwise been.

    I will NEVER bring my Camaro back to this facility, and when my Avalanche needs service, it will not get it from the Tracy Chevrolet. I will never spend a dime there again, in any capacity. If I choose the Malibu I will receive it somewhere else than in Tracy to ensure that they don't even get the slightest amount of compensation from my company, because I will not spend my companies money in any way that I wouldn't spend my own.

    Being a life long lover of Chevrolet vehicles, this experience appalls me. I have never considered buying a different brand. I may still by Chevy's in the future, but that will no longer be an automatic choice.


    I sent a copy of this to the 'contact us' link on their website. I have posted it here. If I can find any further ways of telling people just how disgusted I am, I will. And I certainly hope that no one I know ever does business there again.

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    I would be happy to pass these comments along as well. In order to do so, I will need some more specific information from you. If you could please send me your full name, address, phone number, the VIN for the vehicle, and current mileage, I will be able to take further steps. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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