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    Default Wipers and Multiple Cylinder Misfire

    Hi, i'm new to the site. I've got a '97 Sonoma SLS 4.3 2wd with 4L60-E. I've recently hit 200,000 miles, and i've got a couple problems i need to resolve and i'm not sure what to do or where to look to find the answers. As what seems to be a chevy thing, my wipers don't work, or they do but only on high and i have to stop, pop the hood get out and jiggle the wires going to the wiper motor until they come on, and then they may work fine the rest of the day, or may have to immediately pop the hood again after closing it. Is there a way to fix this without replacing the wiper motor or the entire wiring harness?

    Also i've recently started having my service engine light come on if i run 65+ miles per hour (i.e. interstate driving) for more than 10 minutes at a time. And right before it comes on the truck loses power and kind of "bucks" i've replace the plugs and wires, twice now once after each time it happened for fear that i had a bad plug wire or a fouled plug, but no plugs were fouled, and since it happened with two sets of wires i don't think it's them either. The first time it happened i took it to autozone since they were the only thing open at the time and according to their code reader it was a "multiple cylinder misfire" do i need to replace my cap and rotor? or does it sound like something more serious? i really love the truck and i'd hate to have to quit driving it. i've had it for 8 years and 167,000 miles. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



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    If you have never replaced the cap and rotor, you are long overdue. Use AC Delco for best results. What brand plugs and wires are you using, and what do you have your spark plug gaps set at?

    I've never had a problem with my wipers, but that can't be too difficult to fix. Pull the connector and see if the pins/sockets are corroded. If so, clean them up and see if that fixes them. If not, you may need to replace the wiper motor or redo the wiring.
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    There should be a ground strap right next to the wiper motor. Mine came loose and cause all kinds of havoc. If it's loose, take it off clean it and tighten it down and try that.
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    welcome to the club and x2 on what 2cor said about acdelco products
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    To fix the wipers, remove the circuit board on the wiper motor and re-solder the joints where the terminals are attached to the board. Easy, 10 minute fix.
    As far as your miss, have you changed the fuel filter at all? As 2COR517 said, the cap and rotor, as well as the plug wires can cause your problem. Also check the coil for "leaking fire" when it gets hot. Mist a little water on it while the engine is running to check it out. You'll know if that's what your problem is!
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    Leaking fire? I take it you mist the coil. Would this work on a W code 4.3? And where is the coil on your motor? Mine is on the pass side bolted to the intake manifold above the valve cover by the distributor.
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