I can't say how friggin awesome my brother is. He called me the other day to ask if I was still instreted in building an old muscle car. I said that I was and wanted to build a Monte Carlo. He replies are you sure because I just got a 78 and a 79 Camero, he plans on building the 78 and asked if I wanted to build the 79. I said sounds like a great idea, then he replies good then I am giving you the 79 all it need is a floor pan on the passanger side and I am gonna change that for you then the car is yours for free. Like I said he is friggin awesome. He did body work for 20 plus years and he's telling me the body is solid with the exception of the floor board that he's changing and he is gonna leave the engine up to me. The car runs and drive fine but the tired old 305 smokes, so it's coming out and hello 350. Will post pictures of the progress.