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    Default Michelin LTX MS2 on 1500HD - Terrible handling

    Stock tires were E rated 245/75 16 – Great ride, great handling – one of my favorite long drive vehicles ever.

    Second set of tires were D rated BFG AT/TA 265-70-16 – Great ride and still great handling, terrible tread life and a bit of road noise (still a good tire) but not E rated

    Now I have the MS2 E rated 265-75-16 (3.8% larger than stock) – one of the most recommended and highest rated tires I could buy.

    My problem is now (with the 5th wheel trailer and 75psi in the tires) or unloaded with 60psi, 70psi or 75psi in the tires it feels like I am driving in a 50mph cross wind all the time. If I hit the brake hard (unloaded) the truck actually wiggles back and forth – as if I have a flat tire or something.

    Searching the truck forums I have not heard of any similar complaints. People always talk about ride stiffness due to tires and pressure and I totally follow those conversations, but not this type of issue.

    The truck handles so poorly that I am uncomfortable going over 65mph, where previously I could cruise at 75mph and just relax. This went from one of the nicest driving vehicles I have driven to the worst. Could I have gotten a bad tire or even a bad set?

    I also run airbags but have them set to about 5psi right now.

    Sorry if this is a dead duck topic but I could not find anything using the search engine provided by gmtruckclub in this forum.

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    How many miles on your truck? Any vibration or anything gown down the road? Any front end damage recently?

    I've had tires that felt like that before, designed for a softer ride but they make me feel like I was floating slightly left and right going down the road. So it could be the tires, (or one or two of them), but it could also be something else.

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    I have an '08 1500 4x4. I just put those same tires on my truck today. Except they are 275-55-20. It rode great on the way home, but I've only put about 10 miles on them. The guy at the tire shop recommended getting an alignment. He said Chevy's are known for going out of alignment in the first 10,000 miles as the suspension breaks in. You don't notice till it's too late. You might have it checked. I'll keep you posted if I experience anything like what you describe. Good luck.


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    2005 1500HD 55,000 miles (on my third set of tires because I pulled the first set off with 50% tread wear) and second set had 10k miles when I put them on, wear has always been perfect.
    No vibration or any other oddity.
    I have not hit anything least nothing worth noting.
    A friend at work says he runs his E tires on a 2500HD at 45psi front and 35psi rear - Not sure I want to go that low but I will try to drop it a bit tonight before I drive it home. He also said his stock shocks only made it 50 or 60k miles :-(

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    FWIW, I just put the exact same tires (265/75/16 E LTX MS2) on my K1500 Suburban. I didn't notice any real change in handling, and certainly nothing draggy or swervy. Mine are inflated to a much lower pressure (~40 psi) because, with a 1500, I'm never going to load them up to their full carrying capacity.

    Could you maybe one by one, put the spare on and see if one of the new tires seems to be the cause? Also, any other possible problems (wheel bearing or other suspension component)?
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    I just put a set of Michelin LTX MS2 235/85R16E tires on my Suburban, and don't have any weird handling issues as a result of them. I first ran them at 45psi, and then cranked them up to 80psi and they rode well for both pressures.

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    I also put these same tires on my truck about three months ago and so far have no complaints about them. In fact these have been the best riding tire I have ever had on any of my vehicles. They ride really smooth, have great wet weather traction, and very low road noise. My truck is only a 2004 1500 Z-71 and I have never pulled a trailer with them.

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    What are you doing with 70-80PSI's? Too much!!!! Michelin has always been a hard riding long lasting tire... You should be between 38-50 tops..
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    I pull a 10,000# trailer with a 1700+ tongue weight. I need at least 75psi in the rear when I tow. Dropping the rear tires down to 35 when I am not towing and back to 75/80 every other weekend is a bit of a hassle. I have been out of the country for a few days and wont be back until mid next month. When I get back I will try to drop them all down in the low 40s and see how it rides. I am sure that I can make them work, it will just be a matter of compromising between having an E rated tire at 80psi and a ¾ ton truck that drives and rides well.

    Thanks for all of the input!
    I feel better about the $1000 purchase, just need a bit more time to sort things out.

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    I've had these tires on my truck when i bought it. they were 265/70/17 and rode perfectly fine put about 15000 miles on them and still rode like new. I kept them at about 35 psi cause i drive a 1500. I never had any problems with them.

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