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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    Hey you know anyone with extra OEM speakers? My 2010 speaker just blew and I do not crank mit up anymore even when "Wipeout is playing".
    I thought GM upgrade all their audio equipment years ago . Did they change and put cheaper speakers in and charge me more? I wonder if they will cover it under my warranty.
    i dont think they do and yes gm is using the cheapest china crap know to man now. what size speakers are they?
    94 sub 6inch lift 34inch bfg mt. massive rework project soon. the audio system hit 150.3db so now its time to rebuild and try for 155db. mudpuppy is also getting a new engine, rebuilt ifs, dual 500amp 15.1vdc alts, 5 5,000amp batts, ant the combined wattage with the new system should be close to 15,000watts. this is going to be a wild ride boy and girls.

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    here is one of my newest projects. i have some others but still need to take pics.
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    havent gone far enough to check size taking to dealer. hopefully covered by warranty
    2010 Chevy Silverado Z71 ext cab.4x4
    72 Monte Carlo 350-415 hp- sold (June 2011) to pay medical bills
    79 Impala 350 4bbl 375 hp- sold (June 2011)to pay medical bills

    "If He asks you to go a mile go two"

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    well the newest project is taking me off of audio for just a little bit. i had my electric cooling fan lock up so after i removed it i seen that the water pump had about 2 drips every min from the bottom weep hole. so the new pump is curing with a fresh coat of 500f paint and i got 2 16inch fans for the rad. i still have to build the shroud and not really to sure what i want to do there. i have 6 different idea's for the shroud atm and will decide in the morning which of them ill do. will post up pics of the shroud and fans once im done with it.

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    oh ya, i didnt show these off yet. i got tired of paying retarded amounts of money for distribution blocks so i made my own distribution manifolds for all of the ground and power wires for the entire audio system.
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    Last edited by mudpuppy; 02-19-2012 at 09:18 PM.

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    well got the water pump in, new rad hoses, custom made mounting studs for the pulley, and the fan shroud almost finished. tomorrow is mostly wiring and setting up new thermal switches along with an a/c activation switch for the 2nd fan.
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    well here i go again. i decided for sure that im expanding to 4 hdc3 12's so i purchased a 2nd prototype mono block and im going to split the subs up to 2 subs per amp. running at a 1.3ohm load each instead of the current .89 ohm load. and i built some new bottom cover plates with fans for them routing air to critical heat area's to help ensure no damage comes to them. the plates are still in primer so ill post picks of 1 installed once im done with the poly coating. AQ has delayed there release of the new 220.2 amps so i might be getting DD ss3 amps for my mids. ill give it until next friday for AQ to release the new line. im also looking for bigger alts now to. i currently have 2 alts but both stock sized. with the additional amps ill need to generate atleast 280amps of charge. the system will pull near 500amps but thats up and down current. it will range from 100-500amps during a normal sound track. by rule you want atleast half of the max draw in charging so im thinking a 250amp alt with 1 of the 115amp alts should provide enough. at idle hopefully it will generate atleast 150amps of charge. will see when it all comes together. if it doesnt then ill just have to save up for a 2nd 250amp alt. once these plans are installed ill be done with the audio system and will have to start my focus on a new engine.

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    How is the bank account holding up? Man you are going ape stuff with all that modification. Keep us posted sounds very cool so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    How is the bank account holding up? Man you are going ape stuff with all that modification. Keep us posted sounds very cool so far.
    the account is badly beaten and bleeding but still dragging along. i figure about $1k more to complete all of this. thats including a small system complete for the car to.

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    Well do not lose your employment. that would be a real stick in the mud

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