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    Default Vette is starting

    New chapter in the Vette issues. Recharged the battery yesterday and started the Vette today. As soon as I now turn the ignition key to the run position, the Vette starts to spray fuel from the TBI's. So very simple the ECM was fried. The Vette starts up now only takes about 8 seconds to kick in and start running on it self. Major improvement from yesterday as it couldn't start on its own.

    When hooking up the ALDL cable, I can see data flowing but I cannot do anything with it. (Replaced the Win7 machine to an XP laptop and Tunerpro starts fine). TunerPro sees there is something happening on the connector but only says to me "Finding start header" for about a million times or more. No other information is vissible. I have tried to connect via Hyperterminal and this works fine. So data is flowing. When hooking up the ALDL usb data cable I select the right com port and put the ignition switch in first position. Data flows but it looks like TunerPro cannot read it.. Is there someting I am doing wrong? What are the correct settings?

    I am using:
    Corvette 89
    Get data: Interact and force data
    Com 4 (it is on my laptop)
    ALDL cable in standard pin out (3 possibilities, tried them all, no difference)

    What can I do? Some help guys..

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    Awesome! That's an oddball for sure, but glad to hear you're making some progress!

    Edit: posted that after the ECU change, will read last post and respond in a few.

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    Let me do some digging on the tunerpro stuff. I think you're just missing a config file that needs loaded to read the data, but unfortunately I don't have my laptop with my tunerpro stuff (mom's computer is down, so she has it). I know there's a good tuning forum out there but forget what it is off the top of my head.

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    Check this page out, and try different bin/defs until you find something that will work for you:

    I'd probably start with the 32.xdf

    I'm not sure if that's needed or not if you're just datalogging, I got everything I needed for my van motor when trying to log it.

    here's the log stream files:

    I think I'd try the A001 first. Or you can always try posting on the TunerPro user forum:

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    One more good place to look around:
    1986 Chevy G20 Tow Rig - 5.7 TBI conversion
    1978 Mustang II King Cobra Road Racer - Holley 650, MSD 6AL, 5 speed, 10 point Roll Cage, 9" posi, fuel cell, custom interior.

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