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    I'm going to buy a 1999 4x4 1500 Suburban today. I've done a lot of research on them, and it seems like much of the common stuff to look for has been listed above. The door handles break, the head gasket issues (the one I'm getting had it done not too long ago), the A/c going bad, and a few other little things. But, I have to say... there are a LOT of these vehicles still on the road with 200k-300k miles! They must not be all that bad!

    The one I'm getting supposedly has a small oil leak somewhere. I'm going to check it out closer. Not sure if they even know where the oil's going... hopefully it isn't something major.
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    My 1998 2wd has 216,500 miles- thelast 4 years and 21000 miles are mine.
    They are reliable vehicles- but relatively cheap to fix- if you DIY- PARTS ARE READILY AVAILABLE- not too hard to work on.
    "Good" oil leaks are the timing chain cover and the oil pan-not too expensive not too hard to do-the intake manifold gaskets can leak oil also I think
    Rear main seal is more expensive and more work to fix.
    They frequently will continue to run leaksand all if you just replace fluids(not a great idea, but sometimes you have to-short of $$ or time)
    Heck I ram mine for a year with a leaky radiator-and for several weeks with a bad brake booster(had to be careful with that!!)

    They are sturdy-you can do a lot worse when buying a cheap <$3500 old high mile vehicle- it would be tough to find a more reliable-versatile- vehicles in the cheapo range-high gas prices means they are cheap to buy now.
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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