Well it actually has a small solar panel on the rear roof area. It is for charging the 12 volt accessory battery. The main drive battery has to be charged off the grid. I ordered the SL which comes with the 480v receptacle and the 240 receptacle. It also has a 120 v trickle charge adapter so yea, I can stop and charge if I have to. There are actually a couple of service stations that have installed chargers but I do not know what voltage they are or if they charge you to use them. It really is not a issue though. I can get to work and back on an 80% charge. If I need to go further, I can charge to 100% which will bump the range up by another 20 miles or so I am estimating.

The key to this car is to stay within its range. Not really hard to do. I made several trips with out charging at all this weekend as they were all local trips. At speeds under 40 the range can be as high as 130 miles depending on driving habits and outside temperatures. For comparison purposes, EPA fuel economy equivalent for the Leaf is 106 miles per gallon in the city and 92 on the highway.

My plan is to drive it only 1/2 as far as the range will allow. The other half will be spent getting home. I am going to post some good pictures when we get a sunny day and it is warm outside. Don't get me wrong guys, if it burns gas, make mine a Chevy. But the all electric Nissan Leaf is fun to drive, loaded with features and, in my opinion, the best commuter car if the range will work for you.