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    hahahaha, yeah that's a good response video.

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    It'll actually be pretty hard to track the stolen goods. A few pawn shops in town might end up with a set but that's about it. 35x4=140 wheel sets. Say ten people did it. That's fourteen sets apiece averaging $1,000 a set, about fourteen grand in a night's work. I'd like that if I could do it leagally. But I can easily fit a set and a half below bed level in my GMC Sonoma. Found this out after having two blow outs in one day and trying to find one extra to put on with my spare so I could drive it. How many could be put into a full size pick up or say a this post is making me look bad, lmao. But how many can you fit into a Suburban decked out for cargo room? Say three across stacked four high is twelve in itself, two catty cornered between wheel wells stacked four high is eight with another three across four high at the back is 32 total. Say the same layout in a full sized pick up only stacked three high is 24. That's 54, over one third of the total amount. There may be more efficient ways of loading the tires into the gettaway rigs but this is just speculation. I think a box truck from UHaul would of been suspicious but it would probly hold all of them or close to all of them, then and have a couple pick ups to hold the overflow. But then you have to take into account the space the crew takes up on the way out. And tools would take up space, add wieght and time. Portable impact wrenches pointed out by BlackOut07 would really speed things along and probly act as a timer as the battery power wouldn't last that long. You see those 1.5 ton aluminum race jacks at the parts store, easy to move and three or four pumps gets the wheel off the ground. Lug nut guy hits the cars. Jack and block guys come run up and lift the car, knock off the wheels and drop them on blocks. Then when the lug nut guy is done he helps the crew rolling them away. As the time goes on, it only goes faster because as the jack and block guys get done they join the rolling crew. Not that hard. But the more I figure on this, a crew of five or six would be better than ten. Four could do it but it would take longer. You'd need to be able to roll them to the transport quickly from the start. Add a $75 dollar pellet rifle from the store or somebody who's been there enough to know where a switch that controls the lights is and you have darkness. This is all speculation though. I read a lot of James Patterson and John Grisham books. I'm also in the Army and a lot of the leadership classes I've taken focused on the mission planning. A lot of the tools they allegedly used in this mock up plan is a result of people's laziness and companies making money off it. The portable lug wrench and race jack. Now a portable lug wrench is good to have in your vehichal if you have difficulties using a tire iron or star wrench or gave it to somebody who's not as mechanically inclined as others, but look at the majority of people buying and using them. The race jack, useless. I have a two ton trolly jack made of steel that moans, groans and pops when I lift one wheel on my Burban. And it's aluminum, I don't trust it. The size of it negates any wieght saved. Sorry if this is long winded and to anilitical but I think I need to be an investigator.

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