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    Quote Originally Posted by elkhornsun View Post
    I see cars and trucks every day in any parking lot with nice dents in the rear where the driver backed into something they failed to see. It takes longer to back into a space and I risk hitting someone on the process so it seems like a dumb thing to do and I try to avoid doing dumb things as much as possible figuring in the long run I will be better off as will the people around me. As or pissing people off and thinking "oh welll", well that is what is wrong with this country - too many people who could care less about the impact of their actions on others. No weapons of mass destruction - oh well. 20,000 American soldiers dead and another 50,000 missing limbs or with brain damage - oh well. Or as Rumsfeld put it so eloquently - **** happens
    I think those who can back up should, but others, as referenced in the above post, would be better off pulling through two spots and parking so they don't have to back up if it's too difficult for them. I'm trying to figure how backing up ones truck affects national defense, but I just don't get it. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth", so say the scriptures. I see they won't win it or earn it, they shall inherit it after all the brave ones have left.

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    I always do. Being a medic, I've been taught and pre-programmed that this is the safest way due to blind spots,, it's 100 times easier to get out. I even back my girlfriends car into parking spaces when I drive it.

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    100% agree with BILLNORMAN...

    In addition, when there is a lot of snow on the ground, and there are fewer parking spots, I like to crawl the truck up the side of the snow drifts.
    Pavement sucks... :grrrrrr:

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    Backin most of the time
    Wife pulls in forward all the time.
    My employer mandated that we backin whenever possible

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    Always back in. I can park a lot quicker because if I just pull in a usually back out and correct it. Plus growing up on a farm and driving semi makes you a very efficient backer upper. lol on X2 on what phonfish said. My employer Monsanto is full of safety freaks and they did studies on there parking lots. They recommend backing in whenever possible.
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    'combat park', always ready!
    Some people say I'm paranoid, I call it 'ultra vigilant'.

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    Back in. Its way easier!

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    i always pull through in the morning at school i get there early and just pull through into my spot backing is no problem but its just kinda hard to tell how far you are from the car behind you with a truck
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    Default Backup/ZFoward

    Being that there are still inconsiderate dum ****s, Im one of those that if you see a black shortbed DEEP in the parking lot long walk,thats were i have my on choice of parking,It's very RARE i drive to work in it, but when i pull it out to stretch it's legs i do back in a corner spot, to answer the question, i guess it's just a truck thing,But yet seems easier..

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    I drive in most times, but i like to back into a spot if I am in a tight parking lot, in my work truck, or with crazies parking around me, then you can get the heck out of there!!

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