Ok, so I picked up a 2000 Silverado(135k miles) the other day. There are some things about the truck I love, but it does have issues. First when I got it home monday night, it idled high, like 2400-2500 rpm. I thought that was very wierd, no CEL but when I started it up the next morning it blew a cloud of blue(oil) smoke. Not just a little puff, a lot. Stopped quickly but I was still freaked out by it. So I drove it on the freeway 20ish miles (it was 75ish miles home from the dealer) just because I wanted to see if it would do the same thing this morning. Well today there was only a small puff, hardly noticeable. Any idea's? Another thing is that the tailgate doesn't latch unless you slam it closed. I'm used to shutting the tail gate on our '98 but on the newer truck you really have to slam it closed. Next issue is that the hood latch cable doesn't return, so every time I pop the hood I have to push it open with a screwdriver. Lastly, the passenger side mirror is loose, like flops around loose. Is that a common problem?

If you guys need any more info, ask!

Any suggestions or help is appreciated!