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    Default Borg Warner t-cases?.....

    Morning Kidz, sorry I haven't been around for almost a year but the Suburban that we bought last August has been running pretty damn well. In fact just got home the other day after a 6500+ road trip thru America. Good times---saw a lot of bitchin scenery and met a tons of real nice folks. Like every where we went. And thank gawd the A/C held up, as The South was HOT. Especially in South Carolina. Wowch, made Costa Rica feel like Norway......

    Anyways, I got a quick question----about 18 months ago I invented the Shiftster, which is basically a manually operated device that replaces the older style electric shift motor found on many Borg Warner transfer cases (using Shift-On-The-Fly type systems) that we find on our Fords, like the Rangers, the big and little Broncos and the F-Series trucks. It also fits some Mazda and Dodges. Sales have been slow but steady, but mostly because the only advertising we do is on four or five Ford forums. But this morning I got an e-mail from someone asking me if the Shiftster would work on his '95 Blazer. And to be honest, I couldn't answer that 'cuz I never knew that some of the Chevys & GMC's actually came with electrically shifted B/W t-cases (I thought that they only used N/P's). But I just did a little searching on Googly and discovered that GM might actually did use some 1372's, 4470's and 4472's. Anyone know if that's true, and what years & models they were installed in? Because if the Shiftster would work on these t-cases then I might have accidentaly stumbled on a whole new market demographic. Which would be a good thing. I'm not going to post our website or YouTube vid but it's not hard to find, and if someone here would like to check them out and see if our product would work on GM trucks it would be much appreciated. Then perhaps I could donate one to the Forum owners here for a little 'Monthly give-away' prize?......

    Thanx in advance,


    (here's a pic of the Shiftster on a B/W 13-56 t-case, fwiw. And I apologize in advance for the seemingly shameless self-serving post )

    (and it replaces this type of shift motor)

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    To my knowledge, only application GM used B/W cases is on some IFS one ton trucks. And they were manual shift. Maybe B/W on some AWD Bravadas? Of course they don't have shifters.
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