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    Default Mattress FAIL video! Sub-compact loses mattress - gets dragged by semi truck on I35

    I was driving north on I35 in Dallas today and saw something happen. I'm pretty sure that some dude was carrying a MATTRESS on the roof of his sub-compact car, I think it was like the size of a Ford Fiesta or a Chevy Aveo, but I'm not sure what it was, maybe a Suzuki.

    Anyhow, he SLAMMED on his brakes, locks them up - smoke is going everywhere, huge skid marks on the pavements, causes 20 other cars to do the same. No collisions, so it's all good right? NOPE! Dude lost his mattress and it got picked up under a semi-truck that proceeded to drag it for another couple of miles. The sub-compact driver pulled off the side of the road onto a median of sorts that was not designed for cars to sit on, and I could see him looking around like he was looking for something. In my rear-view mirror I could see him pull back into traffic, but he was pretty far behind me at this point.

    Then, I start to smell something. What is it? Not sure, but something on FIRE. Sure enough, i see smoke come out from the back of a semi trailer in front of me. At first it thought the trailer was on fire, but then I realized that it was DRAGGING THIS DUDE'S MATTRESS UNDER THE REAR TRAILER AXLE!

    HAHAHA. Some other drivers got his attention, or maybe he just figured out that he was dragging something, but not before I was able to get a couple of pics and some sweet video. ENJOY!

    Thought I would throw in some pictures of it as well.

    Driver almost caused a huge traffic accident in Dallas Texas USA.This driver almost caused a huge car crash driving out of Dallas Texas.

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    wow, that could have hit someones car, it's a good thing it got dragged or it would have clogged up traffic for an hour with something as big as a mattress in the middle of the road.i think mattresses are pretty flame-retarded, aren't they because people smoke in bed and used to be burned up all the time from a cig catching their bed on fire? still, look at that smoke and it looks like stuff is falling off the mattress getting thrown're right, this is a FAIL!

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    Now there's something you don't see everyday lol. n

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    Over near Grapevine I hit 4 large styrofoam packing blocks that flew off the back of a car last week with my work truck (GMC 6500 Topkick) it looked like a snow storm behind me, I'm sure I pissed off other drivers but the alternative was to swerve around them and take out a small car to my right.This area has lots of idiot drivers that have no problem throwing large unsecured items on top of their cars then hauling down the highway at 70+.

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    That guys lucky he didn't kill anyone, this is one of those moments where you say to the guy that was carrying that, "get a pick up truck".

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    Yeah, getting that picked up by a semi is almost the best possible outcome for a situation like that. ALL of the alternates have much more risk to the public.

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    Just to review then, that's a mattress under a semi truck. Got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dthomso1 View Post
    Just to review then, that's a mattress under a semi truck. Got it.
    Yeah, I'm not sure if anyone caught the main point of my video or not. What I was trying to tell everyone was that there was a mattress under the semi truck.

    Thanks for making your first post after joining 7 months ago, +1 for you.

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