First some background info.....About a month ago my friend's dad traded in his 2001 Silverado 2500hd CCLB for a Chevy HHR, not quite sure what persuaded him to do so but he claimed he didn't need such a big truck any more and that the cost of filling up the truck was getting too costly, so he traded it in. Before he did so, he took off all the aftermarket items he purchased for the truck. One of them happened to be a plastic Delta toolbox he had, nothing fancy but it worked. Long story short, he gave me the toolbox for free and now it resides in my truck. It was a little rough around the edges when I first got it but after hosing the toolbox off and cleaning it with some Simple Green followed by a healthy application of Armor All, it looked almost new

Also, the toolbox is bolted to rails attached to my BackRack, so I didn't have to drill into my truck's bed.

I also like how there's some space underneath the toolbox, so I can still fit long items in the bed and more crap underneath the toolbox lol.

Not a big fan of the gullwing-style lids but ehh, it was free so I'm not gonna complain.

Just a few of the tools I have in the box, I also have a blanket, extra turn signal bulbs, fuses, wire connectors & terminals, zip ties, electrical tape, bungee cords, work gloves and some other stuff.

Overall I'm quite satisfied with my latest acquisition, though I do plan on upgrading to a nice diamond plate metal toolbox at some point in the future when funds allow.