So im having a real big problem with these guys, ( and so you know Im currently deployed and my dad is my power of attorney)
Here is the back story real quick, My dad had taken my truck to the shop cause the abs was kicking in and the mechanic, dean (which my dad has grew up with him his whole life (real good friends) and been a mechanic for 25 years) hooked the machine up to it and told him that the abs sensor was going bad, so he fixed that and then told us that we probly have to replace the electronic brake module (or something like that not entirely sure) cause it was shorting out but i told him i would wait since it cost alot of money, well my dad was driving it home and he said that he could feel a vibration from the brakes and dean said thats cause of the module, well we had it taken back to the shop and wanted to have Wynns warranty cover it (since i bought their warranty with my truck) And they were like yes we'll cover it and it was gonna be like 500 and some change total and i had to pay 100 deductible. I said fine so that dean could go ahead and start working on it, then he was seeing that the hub had been messed up cause of this faulty module. and then called them back to tell them this problem and now they're refusing to cover it now. heres the email from my dad

the warranty company won't change there mind so i hope you can pay for all this
an just deal with them when you get home they are trying to say that dean didn't
figure what the right thing that was wrong dean told them that the abs modem was shorted
out an that is what made the hub mess up but they said there mechanic said that only the hub was
the only thing that needed to be replaced they basically cussed at dean saying he was wrong
an didn't know what he was talking about dean said he was a mechanic for over 25 years an
he knew what was wrong with your truck but they won't change there mind
an they will not pay any labor or the abs modem or the hub thing they say it's deans fault
an dean got real mad with them said to tell you he is sorry but he can't do warranty work
for them any more they authorized everything till they got the final price then they started
saying all that bull **** about stuff not needing to be done so that is why it is 700 to get your truck
an i am sorry but there is nothing i can do they want to talk with you
ttyl dad

And this is bull**** (excuse my language), but they said they were gonna cover this at first and i just pay the $100, and that was fine. But if i knew they weren't gonna cover it i would of not gotten the work done. Cause 700 is alot of money compared to 100. And thats just wrong cause they were gonna cover it till he added that the hub needed to be placed. And now they're saying that a 25 year mechanic does not know what his is doing by they're mechanic (who probly some stupid ass college retard mechanic that thinks he all smart). And i don't know a ton about mechanic work, but i do know from pretty much common sense you cant always diagnose problems from over the phone, you got to sometimes be there to see a problem first hand, cause its not always gonna be the same fix everytime. There is a lot factors when it comes to moving parts in a vehicle.

My dad was saying to file a claim against them and i will and i will call them the second i get home from Afghanistan (which will be about 10 days) and bitch them out.
But does anyone know what i can do about this? Cause it is wrong to the customer saying they will cover it and then go back and say no theyre not and now i got to pay for everything