Well, tommorow I'm going to be picking up a trailer that weighs around 3000 pounds. No big deal, except I'm still running in my slightly screwy transmission cooler setup. My 700R4 transmission is getting cooled only by an auxillary transmission cooler, and has been since I replaced the transmission. When I replaced the transmission, I pulled the radiator cooler out of the loop in a fit of being an idiot. I haven't had any issues with it, but this is the first moderately heavy trailer I'm pulling with the truck since then. So the question is, is my aux transmission cooler at least as good as the factory cooler that would be in the radiator? If so, I think I'll be fine towing this trailer as the specs for the truck list that there's no special options needed to tow up to 3000 pounds.\

Also, could I/should I tow this trailer in overdrive? I am pulling the trailer around 4.5 hours one-way and overdrive would really help on fuel mileage if I don't burn the transmission up in the process? It seems like the trailer should be light enough not to cause an issue, but cooking a tranny is a VERY unattractive option.