Ok, I was getting really frustrated with this so I took a break. Let me bring you up to speed: I have been having brake squealing problems more now. It seems to do it more when the brakes are hot/warm. (After I have used them a few times). The brakes haven't locked up for a few weeks now. They just squeal like two pieces of metal rubbing. I replaced the Lh braked shoes earlier because the axle seal went bad. I did not replace the Rh side because they looked good and showed only .030 difference. I went ahead and replaced the Rh shoes this weekend. I found the E/M brake cable was holding the shoes out a little. I lubed it up and got it to release and slid the shoes on. I adjusted the shoes so they just barely would rub when you turn the wheels. I don't use the E/M brakes. I was told not to. Anyway, I back up to park in my drive. But I dont hit the brakes hard when I stop. Sometimes I shift into nuetral and coast to a stop. By the time I go 5 -6 miles, using them in traffic, the brakes are warm/hot and start to squeal. I can hit the brakes and the noise stops. Shoes are rubbing, right? If I back off the wheel adjusters 5 or 6 clicks, the noise will go away. Then they will start squealling again after I use them 5 or 6 times. I don't know why they keep adjusting up? The adjusters are clean and loose. The star wheel is not worn down. Why is this happening? Sometimes they will squeal when I take a Lh or Rh curve. They usually squeal between 25 and 40 MPH. Above 40 I cant tell because of all the other road noises. I need help soon, because I have a camper to pull next week.

Another quick question: When I set the preload on the rear wheel bearings. The final torque always put the keyway right in the middle of two slots. Should I go tighter or looser when I assemble the key way?