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Great info!

I want to lift my autoride just a little and have wondered how the autoride would react to front key replacement. Anybody with an idea?

How much do the H2 springs run? Did they settle in at all? Are you still at about 2" of lift in the rear?

The H2 springs were about $200 a pair from GM Parts Direct. I have the part numbers if you need them. No settling issues, still 1.5 to 2 inches of lift.
For the front I doubt you would have any trouble using heaver torsion bars. The Suburbans with autoride have the lightest torsion bars in them from the factory. You could upgrade to 3/4 ton truck ones and easily gain front heigth. I plan to do this but have other projects in front of this. I run 285/75x16" tires on this truck with stock wheels and have no rubbing issues.
My wife somehow blew up the G80 Gov-lock on this vehicle, so it now has a open carrier with a Lock right easy locker in it. Have only used it on dirt roads and at my buddys ranch in Wyoming. My wife went up a road that normally requires 4x4 in 2wd with the new locker!