Any body thought of putting H2 Hummer springs in the rear of their 00 and up Suburban. I just towed a 6x12 UHaul to Monterey from the LA area and even though I have Autoride on my 00 Suburban the rear was pretty low. I was thinking about heavier rear springs and wondered about H2 springs. I do not want to lift it too far but do not want a lot of sag when I tow or have 6 people and gear in it either. Those poor rear autoride shocks got a workout man! I run 285/75x16 tires on stock 2004 wheels. Minimal trimming of the wheel well plastic and they work just fine. Does Moog make cargo coils for this application? I have a co-worker with an H2 and am going to check out his rear springs next week (wire diameter and height). Just thought I would ask if anybody has done this.